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  1. Good luck.. The gluten free diet has a steep learning curve. There are so many hidden sources of gluten , I am discovering new ones every now and then. And , eating out has become quite a chore..Have to watch everything I eat
  2. Thats interesting.What do you take for your gout ? I tried both uloric (febuxostat) and allopurinol and couldn't tolerate either . (In fact, I suspect allopurinol to one of the causes of my neuropathy alongwith gluten). I am trying to control uric acid by diet and supplements, but remains a challenge
  3. I don't know about IGA being below normal. In my case, the Demidated Gliadin IGG was above normal (almost by 5 times) . This is only tested as a part of the celiac panel tests. I have been gluten free for about 4 months now. I have noticed a slight improvement in symptoms, albeit slowly. But I believe...
  4. Thanks for all the valuable suggestions folks. Nowadays I view gluten as poison. Just a few months ago, I was loading up on everything whole wheat (pizzas, subs, sandwiches , buns , bagels you name it), thinking that I was eating as healthy as possible. This food and nutrition industry is partially...
  5. Thanks folks. Did anyone try alpha-lipoic acid for their neuropathy? I have heard a lot of positive things about it. Any other supplements other than alpha lipoic acid and B vitamins ? (B12)
  6. Thanks. No I have not been biopsied yet. Just blood tests. Transglutaminase normal but Deamidated Glaidin IGG high at 77 (normal below 15). Vitamin (B12,B6 etc) done a few months back were also normal. At this point the prime suspect for my neurological issues are gluten and allopurinol , the...
  7. Hi I have tested positive for Deamidated Glaidin antibodies recently. I don't have any classic celiac symptoms, only neurological symptoms like pins and needles and crawling bugs for about 6 months or so. I started a gluten free diet about a month ago and noticed slight improvement in...