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  1. What state were you in for your KD diagnosis? We were in Indiana at the time. Just was curious. I use the word "blessed" quite frequently. We were very blessed to have a physician who believed in our gut instinct. It took 3 trips to her office, but she was non stop looking for answers and...
  2. Chase was also considered "atypical" because he was 5, almost 6, and never peeled. He had everthing else though. His left eye even had a visible blood clot in it. He had a high fever for several days; horrible rash through the groin, upper legs, and stomach; red swollen strawberry tongue; red...
  3. Hello I just found this site after doing a lot of research this weekend. My son had Kawasaki Disease in June of 2004. he's almost 8 now, and we've had ongoing issues since his initial ordeal. The biggest concern being he's not been able to gain much weight since then, has stomach aches frequently...