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  1. Hi Fenrir - thank you for sharing your test results. This is very useful information. I’ll definitely ask for my numbers - with hindsight you’re probably right. My GP does have a tendency to say things are OK when sub-normal or just not problematic in his mind. It would fit if my numbers were low...
  2. That’s interesting. Thanks for your reply. No I don’t have the values, but I’ll ask for them. I was recently diagnosed as folate deficient which suggest malabsorption because I eat a healthy diet, but again I didn’t ask for the values. I will do when I have my follow-up test. I think you make a ...
  3. Hi - thank you for your question and the answer. I had a blood test but it came back as inconclusive. I had stopped eating gluten for a few months before the test because I felt better and couldn’t bear to eat it for 6-8 weeks prior to the test. Instead I binged on bread for a couple of days before t...