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  1. If you have asthma, definitely be careful. The risk of major complications is very high for that group.
  2. I think most likely what would happen here is that we have a large event center that's owned by the City across the street from the Hospital that would be setup as a second hospital.
  3. Well, on children more and more they are recommending not doing EGDs anyway. It could be upwards of year in some cases for people to get in for a EGD after all this is over. I would ask the GI specialist if you can just go on a presumptive Celiac DX and go gluten-free to start feeling better...
  4. We are not in shelter in place mode yet here in MN but we have 77 cases all but 4 are in the Twin Cities and we're an hour and a half west of the Twin Cities. Luckily, about the only thing not getting sold out here is gluten-free items, nobody else seems to want them. 😂 I work at a hospital th...
  5. This would indicate that not enough is really known about the subject to assume anything and the if there is an increased risk it's small one compared others. It's probably good they're setting up a registry, maybe we'll find out if we're susceptible or not. Based on current info it's "probably...
  6. I would argue those with uncontrolled celiac disease would be at a risk due to the weakened general health. But for those of us on a strict gluten-free diet it shouldn't be anymore of a problem than it would be for anyone else. Main concern is the elderly, death rate is 15% for elderly which...
  7. Very few Campbell's brand items are gluten-free. https://s3.amazonaws.com/origin.www.cscassets.com/CSCAssets/USGluten/New+Gluten+Free+List+8-7-18.pdf The sauces aren't listed and the labels all say "modified food starch". Since it doesn't say what type of starch, you should assume...
  8. I'm not sure if they are now making ranitidine that's safe or not. However, I think PPIs or Prilosec is the most popular method treat reflux in celiac disease.
  9. I think the Schar Aritsan bread is the best that is widely available. Best option would be to find a gluten-free bakery in your local area, usually that's better bread. However, gluten-free bread will always have a different flavor/texture.
  10. McCormicks also makes Lawrys and all McCormicks brands follow the same labeling rules. McCormick brands: Lawrys Grill Mates Old Bay Simply Asia These are as spices and seasonings McCormick makes. Just read the label but if it's not on the label you should be fine.
  11. I stick to McCormick because they are almost all gluten-free, even the mixed spices. Never reacted to any McCormicks product I've tried. They do label very well, if it's not listed it's not in there.
  12. I've only been sick two times that weren't from gluten (cold or anything) since I went gluten-free 6 years ago. I think there's something to Celiacs having strong immune systems when we're not eating gluten. No proof, just an opinion.
  13. I think the possible issue for celiacs is that people with uncontrolled celiac disease could be at a high risk of complications with the corona virus. The reason is these sort of things tend to cause more severe issues for people with pre-existing health conditions. So if you are already sick from...
  14. Prednisone is nasty stuff. A lot of people have very bad reactions to it. Not gluten related reaction. I get extremely anxious and my blood pressure jumps. Just something to watch for if you haven't taken Prednisone before. Not everyone has those symptoms but they do happen.