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  1. I definitely wasn’t planning on doing it until after the pandemic, because I obviously need to be 100%. The longer I am gluten free, the less willing I am to get back on a regular diet for an official diagnosis. Thank you for sharing that insight from a doc! I didn’t find that in my research.
  2. November of 2018 I received a positive celiac blood panel. I also know I have 2 celiac genes from genetic testing. 2 weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. My son had severe IUGR & failure to thrive. I found out this is common for undiagnosed moms with celiac disease. I live in a rural area...
  3. I’m not a doctor. I have had gallbladder issues, though and some of those symptoms are similar. Maybe talk to your doc (or a different doc) about that? Did the doctor you went to test you for antibodies?