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  1. I have wondered the same. Although, I had undiagnosed Celiac for numerous years, never tested for it even though I had all of the symptoms. Now my primary care doc is a Naturopath, and I am doing much better. I just got my son set up with him so that we can work on getting him properly cared for...
  2. Thank you, Posterboy. I will definitely look into this information. I appreciate your time and help! The Mother
  3. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the input and support!
  4. No, he has to go through his GP. Hopefully now he will be linked with a GI specialist. The problem where we live, appointments are always 3+ months out.
  5. Like your name too, Posterboy! Thank you as well for this information. Ever since my son became diabetic, right after he turned 11, I have continued to research so I can be an advocate and support person for him. What I am glad for with this diagnosis, is that he now has some answers and can...
  6. Thank you so much, you have been very helpful! BTW, they did the endoscopy, and it is gastroparesis 😞
  7. Thank you so much, this is very helpful information! No, he has not had additional testing for the Celiac. I am not very pleased with his doctor at this point, because he has presented with an increasing number of issues leading up to this, and she has only addressed them each individually, e.g....
  8. Thank you! His diabetes is under control, and he was diagnosed with celiac last year. Although, his blood sugars have been out of whack the past couple of months. I have read that that happens frequently with Diabetic Gastroparesis.
  9. Hi All, My son is a 28 year old type 1 diabetic with celiac disease. He is currently in the hospital after becoming very ill 2 days ago, then moved to ICU. They have not determined exactly what the cause of his illness, but it sounds like they are leaning toward gastroparesis. I am doing what I can...