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  1. Hi everyone 2 months ago I was suffering with gastrointestinal symptoms having just experienced a bad stomach bug bloating and diarrhoea ect. The dr did a blood test and first found I was malabsorbing vitamin b12 then I tested positive through blood test for celiac and referred for an endoscopy...
  2. Yeah great to hear that you are back up to fitness too ! But yeah I never really stopped training throughout the whole 2 months where I had quite severe symptoms and the difference now I’m on gluten-free Is amazing ! I’ve always been religiously active due to my job requirements and fitness being a h...
  3. Hi , just wondering how other athletes / fitness enthusiasts responded to the gluten-free diet post diagnosis. A little about myself ; I’ve always been a competitive sports person and also work a physical job (military). I was recently diagnosed a month ago and endured awful symptoms f...
  4. Hi guys, I last week received diagnosis of celiac via blood tests and what the dr described as “pretty much 100% certain you are celiac as we don’t usually see numbers like that”. I suffered from severe symptoms nausea , vomiting , stomach pains , bloating. I dropped 6kg in weight rapidly and m...
  5. Hi guys, I was diagnosed with celiac 4 days ago after months of quite severe symptoms. After 4 days of following a gluten free diet I have noticed dramatic improvement. however tonight I vomited again , I have ingested zero gluten however I did drink a bottle of apple cider so I’...