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  1. Thank you so much for that! I also thought I was lactose but I got tested and Small doses are fine but if I drink a whole gallon of milk then I get bloated. I think cause I had to continue eating gluten and feel huge from the bloating that is why my stomach hurts and why there is a small...
  2. Hey, I would definitely suggest getting tested as it’s better to rule it out if anything however you symptoms seem consistent with similar things I have had previously.
  3. If I don’t have a reaction to dairy is there a reason why I should cut it out?
  4. Hello, how does one know if they have wheat allergy or gluten? I know gluten is in wheat so the normal blood test can pick up if you are affected by gluten which is in wheat but how does someone know if it’s wheat as the symptoms seem similar? regard juan
  5. Thanks so much for responding! I was just wondering cause I have a small hernia and he said it probly was always there but since my symptoms got worse (bloating etc.) it’s more prominent or something to that effect. thanks for responding, this is all super overwhelming and it’s nice have a res...
  6. Hey, This is all fairly new to me, I have eaten gluten my entire life (31 years old now) and always felt like bloated but figured that was normal until I had a bad reaction, got tested after I had serious abdominal pain and severe bloating only to be told I have a small hernia as well. Is that...