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  1. My hair is so thin and breaks off very easily. Last week I cut it all off . I am vitamin b12, vit D, iron deficient, and anemic. It’s funny because after having blood work done several times you would think the doctors would think why are you always vitamin deficient, obviously that means there’s...
  2. Thank you, these post have been helpful.
  3. Also watch out for some vinegars or any products that contain vinegar. Some vinegars are gluten-free but some are not. It’s almost impossible to stay true to the gluten-free diet unless you only eat at home. For seasonings I use the brand Morton and bassets from Whole Foods because they are o...
  4. Thank you so much for responding! Your sons experience with celiac disease is just horrible. I needed to hear/read that story, thank you. For some reason the medical community does not take celiac seriously even though it’s been linked to cancer and other autoimmune diseases. I have been s...
  5. Not yet. I am still looking for a primary care doctor. I have seen two GI doctors and both say that my symptoms are not consistent with celiac.
  6. Has anyone experienced bad breath related gluten? I’ve been suffering from bad breath the last two years and can not figure out why. I’ve explored every avenue and I’m beginning to think it is related to gluten. Some of my other symptoms are itchy skin (eczema), excessive hair breakage, sharp cramp...
  7. Depending on where the neck pain is it could be from the vagus nerve which is associated with celiac. On another forum posted on this site, someone else was complaining of the vagus nerve and experienced really bad attacks that resulted going to the emergency room. Another person complained of having...
  8. Hi moleface, I know that the original post is old but I wanted to suggest finding a functional doctor. I have had very similar experiences when I met with doctors and it’s frustrating and discouraging. Apparently the functional medicine doctors treat the body as a whole, they spend m...