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  1. My family and I returned about a week ago from a cruise on the Carnival Liberty and they did a great job taking care of my daughter. The hostess in our dining room (Ramona in the Golden Dining Room) was incredible and quite knowledgeable about gluten. Each evening before we finished dinner, she would bring over the next night's menu so my daughter could choose her food. Since my daughter is only 11 and the food can sometimes be more "grownupish" as she puts it, Ramona always let her pick a dish not on the menu if she preferred. A few nights she chose pasta dishes such as chicken, broccoli and ziti or fettucine alfredo. She also had steak, chicken, scallops and many appetizers including soups and mozzarella sticks. They did bring gluten free bread for her each night, but it was pretty nasty. The chef made a special gluten free desset for her each night and a few times my husband actually wished he could have what she was having. Ramona also helped us figure out what was safe at the buffet. She had eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage and fruit for breakfast and could choose from salads, stir-fry (they had rice noodles), hot dogs, french fries, chicken dishes and more at lunch. I know buffets can be risky, but she ate from them and didn't get sick once. We also had a few breakfasts and lunches in the dining rooms and she was always fine there too. While they did a wonderful job of taking care of her, I did suggest that they might look into providing gluten free pizza and some baked goods for dessert. The Guest Services Manager that I spoke with seemed very interested in my comments and promised that they would look into them. Overall though, it was a great vacation and everyone ate well, including my daughter.
  2. Uno's Pizzeria has finally delivered on their long awaited gluten-free pizza. I got an e-mail from them (see below) last week telling me that cheese and pepperoni gluten-free pizza is now on their gluten-free menu. My DD tried one on Saturday and loved it. Note that the e-mail states that these are only test items and won't necessarily be added to their standard menu. Perhaps a few e-mails would help to convince them!! GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA IS HERE! You told us you wanted a gluten-free pizza and we are thrilled to tell you, Uno Chicago Grill
  3. My daughter got really sick from eating at the Bugaboo Creek in Burlington, MA. They told me it was because they were busy which I told them was never an okay excuse. If they cannot safely accommodate people with celiac/allergies, then they should retrain the staff until they can. We won't go back, particularly when there is an Outback Steakhouse nearby that has always fed her safely.
  4. I took my DD to the Boynton Restaurant today for pizza and found out that they put Wheat Starch in it. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the gluten-free menu stating that they use small amounts of wheat starch in the pizza, and yet they are certifying it as gluten free. The waitress even told us about it before taking our order to be sure we saw it. How can this be? Don't celiacs have to avoid wheat starch? Needless to say, we left the restaurant and ate elsewhere.
  5. I live in Massachusetts and recently discovered a new gluten free popcorn snack from a company called TT Buds. They have two flavors: Sweet and Salty and Sweet and Cheesy. Both flavors are awesome and they say gluten free right on the back of the bag. I have been able to find them in Market Baskets as well as some other smaller grocery stores. For those that don't live in New England, you can also order on their website www.ttbudspopcorn.com
  6. Hi: There is an Italian place in Merrimack that serves gluten free pasta. We have eaten there once and had a great meal and my DD was thrilled to be able to order off the same menu as the rest of us. They can substitute gluten-free pasta in most dishes, unless they are breaded or fried. Of course, I still asked tons of questions, but the staff seemed to know what was going on and what she could and couldn't have. This is the website: http://www.yamammas.com/default.aspx It is relatively close to Manchester so I thought it might be of interest.
  7. There is also a place in Arlington, MA called Celia Cakes (www.celiacakes.com) that makes excellent cupcakes. Her vanilla ones are the only vanilla cake that my DD has really liked since being diagnosed. I believe all her stuff is special order, but she has lots of flavors and the stuff is really worth it.
  8. Hi: I was at the Boston Children's Hospital Celiac Christmas Party yesterday and there was a vendor there that was giving out samples of their new gluten-free Clam Chowder and it was delish! I really couldn't tell that it was Gluten Free. The product is Kettle Cuisine and the chowder is only one of the new soups that are coming out. The woman said that they are in Whole Foods in the frozen section. Here is their link: http://www.kettlecuisine.com/glutenfree.shtml Currently, they only appear to be in New England, but perhaps they will ship or expand into other parts of the country.
  9. I've made pasta salad before using the Dr. Schar fusilli or penne and it comes out great. I do not have to eat gluten free so I know what regular pasta tastes and feels like and this is extremely close, to the point of not being noticeable to non celiacs. I make a caesar chicken pasta salad that I take to parties, bbq's etc. and everyone loves it.
  10. I had heard about Rafferty's Pub in North Conway, NH because they have a very extensive gluten-free menu due to the owners having a child with celiac. I planned a weekend in North Conway so my daughter could eat at a restaurant that had gluten-free appetizers and fries and desserts etc. There were 3 families that went and we were so disappointed in the quality of the food and the service. The first night, they brought everyone's food except for my DD (the only one with celiac) because the waitress forgot. No big deal as mistakes happen. The waitress puts in the order and when it comes out 10 minutes later it had a breadstick on the dish. DD asks if that is a gluten-free breadstick and when the waitress looks at it, realizes that the entire dish (pasta) was regular pasta and not even gluten-free. What if the breadstick hadn't been there? My daughter would have assumed it was the rice pasta and would have eaten it. That would have been a disaster! To top off the evening (after waiting another 10 minutes for the gluten-free dish), her dish was just very poor quality. Another person in our party got steak tips and some of them came red inside and some of them were burnt. I took DD back for lunch the next day and her cheeseburger was so burnt that she couldn't eat it. Our final meal there that evening (it was the only choice for gluten-free food in the area) brought more half done/half raw steak tips. The final straw was when my DD asked for a salad with her meal (supposedly at a reduced price if you add it to a meal) and when I asked the waitress what the cost was, she said "Either $1.99 or $2.99." Well, when the bill came, I was charged $3.99 for the same exact salad that they charge $2.99 for on the non gluten-free menu. When I asked why it was more expensive than the non gluten-free salad and not at a reduced price when with a meal, she shrugged and said "That is the price." They did have good chicken fingers and fries, but that was about it. Too bad because they have a big selection of gluten-free items.
  11. The skim milk worked great. This loaf came out better than almost any other loaf of gluten-free bread that I've tried to make from scratch. It rose nicely and baked to a golden brown and, best of all, my DD loved it. I was able to slice the loaf into thin slices and it didn't crumble at all. Thanks!
  12. Would this recipe work with skim milk? I never keep whole milk in the house, but assume that this recipe was originally made with whole milk. Would the difference in the fat content in the milk make a difference in the taste/texture of the bread? Thanks.
  13. http://www.recipezaar.com/201483 http://www.recipezaar.com/201195 I tried these recipes and thought they were fablulous. We liked the donuts better than the jelly donuts because most of the jelly oozed out while frying. However, the recipe is simple to make, they roll out well and taste just like the old fashioned home-made donuts my mom used to make. We put powdered sugar on some and cinnamon sugar on some. Next time, I am going to make a chocolate glaze to put on some. I also took some plain donuts and froze them and when my DD wanted one, I just nuked it for a few seconds and then put the sugar on. They froze really well which is good since the recipe makes a lot. P.S. I am not good with attaching links, so if these don't work, just go to www.recipezaar and search for gluten free donuts.
  14. Try Raffertys Pub in North Conway. Apparently the owners have a child with celiac so they have an extensive gluten-free menu. We haven't tried it yet, but the menu looks wonderful. www.raffspub.com.
  15. If you really want to make your daughter a special oreo treat, try this recipe. Take a bag of gluten-free oreos (I use the same amt. as in a normal sized bag of real oreos--I think the regular bag is maybe 18 ozs.) and put them in a food processor until they are ground into fine crumbs. You use the whole cookie, even the cream part. Once they are finely ground, throw in an 8 oz. brick of cream cheese and process that in the food processor with the crumbs. Form the mixture into balls (a heaping tbsp. in each ball) and put on a cookie sheet. Once all the balls are made, put them in a freezer for half an hour. Before removing them from the freezer, melt some chocolate in a double boiler. Take the balls out of the freezer and dip them, one at a time, in the melted chocolate. Put them on a plate and let the chocolate harden. They are so good and so chocolatey. If you want to make them fancy for a party or special occasion, you can even drizzle another color of chocolate on top as a decoration.
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