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  1. I think this is the basic recipe/directions I found on line for the breadless coating. I'm going to try making it myself. It would be great to have on hand to use for cooking other foods besides chicken. I'll post and let everyone know how it turns out. Here's the info... 0024] (1) Approximately 46.67% of the mixture should comprise almond meal; [0025] (2) Approximately 23.33% of the mixture should comprise flax seed meal (it is critical to use the flax seed meal and not flax seed because the human body does not digest flax seed unless grinned down into a fine meal); [0026] (3) Approximately 23.33% of the mixture should comprise soy flour, and [0027] (4) Approximately 6.67% of the mixture should comprise seasoning. [0028] The preferred seasoning is to use pepper, dehydrated garlic, salt, paprika, dehydrated onions and red pepper. However, any seasoning can be used to accommodate the product one is cooking or using. [0029] The process to combine the ingredients, in the preferred embodiment, as it pertains to 16 ounces or one pound (which is only a representative example) is as follows: [0030] 1. Weigh the soy flour to 3.73 oz; [0031] 2. Weigh the flax seed meal to 3.73 oz; [0032] 3. Weigh the almond meal to 7.46 oz; [0033] 4. Weigh the accommodating spice or spices to 1.08 oz; [0034] 5. Pour the soy flour in a mixing bowl (it is critical to put the soy flour in the bowl first); [0035] 6. Add the flax seed meal to the bowl; [0036] 7. Add the almond meal to the bowl; [0037] 8. Hand mix the ingredients or use a mixer on the slowest speed for approximately 1 min.; [0038] 9. Add the accommodating spice or spices, then mix again for approximately 1 to 2 min. or until the aforementioned ingredients are mixed evenly together. [0039] Following the above steps creates the present recipe for breadless breading. Of course, the ounces or weight of the each ingredient used would depend on the total weight of all the ingredients but the above provides a representation of how one would make the breadless breading of the present recipe. [0040] The pre-washed food product (for example, chicken, seafood, vegetables, or the like), mixed with egg whites or regular eggs (white preferred), would then be combined with the aforementioned mixture to create a fried breading texture look on the food product. This combination would then be fried in oil or baked in the oven. [0041] The breadless breading mixture or recipe can also take the place of breadcrumbs in making meatballs or meatloaf or the like. [0042] When the ingredients of the invention are combined in accordance with the prescribed percentages, and in the mixed together according to the preferred embodiment, it produces a food coating or food mixture that has the taste and appearance of a bread coating but has a seventy-five percent (75%), or lower, carbohydrate content and has no bread or grain products. Therefore, the result is a gluten free product.
  2. Hey, got a freezer full from Publix myself, like $1.99 a bag! (bought 30 bags!)Hope I can find them at a decent price when I run out sometime next year..lol All of mine I've opened so far have been double bagged and sealed quite well. If you spray lightly with cooking spray and cook in a convection oven at 400 for 30 minutes they are as good as fried, turn halfway through. I think the cook time they recomend is too short, they come out soggy. I got a small convection oven at Sams Club for about $50, and I've seen smaller ones for even less. They work great for any type of fried food that you want to be nice and crispy, and ideal for cooking smaller meals or pizzas, fries, etc.
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