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  1. Hi - My 10 year old has been gluten free since the beginning of the year. Yesterday my husband gave him a pita bread thinking it was a gluten free one - a move he feels extremely guilty about. The good news is that my son didn't get sick at all. Is it normal to be gluten free for 6 months and have gluten and not get a stomach ache or anything? I'm wondering whether we might be glutening him somehow without knowing it or whether we just got lucky yesterday. Any advice is welcome. Thanks. SueAnne
  2. My son is 10 and was diagnosed in December. Like your daughter, he was Mr. Carb. Two of the lunches that he likes best that also travel well are mac and cheese made with his favorite gluten free pasta (glutano or tinkyada or ancient harvest's quinoa are the faves of the moment) mixed with the either a slice of cheese and a little milk to melt it all together or the cheese powder plus milk from regular mac and cheese like Amy's or Kraft. The other lunch that travels pretty well (because some of the breads turn hard so fast) is a Foods by George english muffin with ham. As far as snacks go, the pretzels which seem to taste best to us are the Glutino ones. good luck.
  3. Hi Everyone - My son has been on a gluten free diet since the end of December and we've been doing pretty well. He is 10 and a real trooper with all of this given that we only discovered he had celiac through family testing. He was never really sick. Anyway, while we've been doing pretty well, I think it's time we got in touch with a nutritionist to check in and maybe get advice, encouragement, etc. We are kind of in a rut and it's very early in the game. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks. Also, are there any parent of celiacs meeting groups in Manhattan?
  4. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac in November and has been gluten free for about 4 weeks now. We are still in the learning phase (don't know if it ever ends actually). Are there any books that people found especially helpful? We have Gluten Free for Dummies and he has the gluten-free Kid. Would like to learn more but don't want to get more confused. Thanks.
  5. Hi - My name is SueAnne and my 10 year old son was diagnosed with celiac this fall mainly as a result of follow up family blood testing after my dad found out he has it. My sons results came back equivocal so our pediatrician said to try a gluten free diet and retest in 6 months. This made no sense to me so I took him to the Celiac Center up at Columbia University and they did their own blood work which came back positive and then did the endoscopy which also came back positive. My son had complained of stomach aches and is very small but nothing extreme. He has been gluten free for about 4 weeks now and is doing well. What's interesting to us is that when we ask him if anything feels different he says his stomach feels better and also his ankles and "fingertips" - when I asked him to show me where on his fingers, he pointed to his knuckles. This is a very long way of asking (sorry but I wanted to introduce us) whether he could have had some sort of joint damage that I should be concerned about - also, is it possible to feel better so quickly? What have your experiences been with your kids? Lastly, for those whose kids were in the "short stature" category, did you see a change in growth and how quickly did it occur? Thanks very much - we're so new to this all we would love to know anything!
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