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  1. At 76. After 18 years of being told I had IBS I tested through Entero Lab
  2. Thanks all, I'll be looking for a good enzyme instead
  3. Has anybody tried Beano for intestinal gas? Does it work?
  4. Where do you get those toaster bags? They would be great for family use. Why bother posting this? If you are out in such a venue using toaster bags, you might want to stick by the toaster so the same thing doesn't happen to you. People can be so nosy. I might add that the toaster bags are totally worth the $8 investment. They work great and my toast was perfect, browned to my liking and the bag is reusable, though not indefinitely.
  5. Any one know a good GI Doctor in Albuquerque?
  6. Yesterday I grabed a bottle of what I thought was Rum. When I opened it last night I discovered it was Blended Whiskey!! Made a very good hot toddy! But is blended whiskey allowed? I looked up the allowed/forbidden ingredients and Scotch Whiskey is allowed-but blended? Thanks mb1894
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