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  1. Many celiacs have milk issues, too. But your symptoms sound iron/folate related. it has taken me a year to dial in the the sublingual B12, Active Vit B ,6 Folate and Iron needs. We, apparently, lack some enzyeme that absorbs these properly...I had numerous blood test and no one said a word to me about it. Then I started on the b12 (must be shots or under the tongue type)...felt better in a day....
  2. You are 110 per cent certain that you are not casein intolerant??? I personally avoid all packaged foods...a wee bit of soy sauce can set me off.....the gut is really "old" and it doesn't react well to all these "modified this and thats" and i have stared on digestive enzyemes
  3. ...Gobs of people lack certain enzyemes that diget certain foods..it's genetic!!! ANA is buildup of of plasma born proteins--peptides--like fibrins or CRPs...changing your diet alone may not be enough (God I sound like a commercial...but honestly, I have been trying to get feedback about this new enzymatic treatment --newly posted) and it has really worked for me me. I had the shooting pains in the arms and hands....Enzemedica...look at their ingredients, go to Wikipiedia, reference all the open source stuff and then decide.......
  4. I was gluten free for almost a year ( and still felt unglued) until I started using sublingual B12 and elimineted Casein....but honestly, the first time i put that thing uner my tongue I thought I was reborn
  5. Hi, Just had to answer since no one else will... this is an odd message board. I reccommend the Chebe breads (but use goat milk where needed) as a pizza dough etc....the site also has a couple decent cake mixes (again, watch for that casein)....bigger orders are cheaper to ship...Do you have any alternative type markets where you live ch ....are they willing to look into ordering for you...I don't buy the list, but I check this site for what's available and then look into its source online...........................
  6. Check out the Enzymedica web site....I started them and have far less less pain in neck and hands...they are ungodly expensive but so far give me hope...they have a gluten ease one...but i only take it if i think my food has been contaminated...Your best bet is to always be Gluten-free Casein-free but these enzymes might help
  7. Sorry.. forgot about the iron def...check all folates etc...do sublingual B12 (as methycoblamin) so your body can assimilate it ( or B12 shots if you can afford it) as well as P5P/Pak B6 tablets along with a normal Super....Again, a lot to be learned about "absorbtion" of every nutrient etc on Wikipiedia
  8. Hi Sam, It's a long hard battle...I hope you have better luck with this site (from a truly academic standpoint) than I have since I first logged on....but some general ifo: Firstly, I went a long time wothout realizing that cow's milk was just as bad as gluten for me (and other celiacs) and so I suffered big time. Just check out Wikipedia to find out how milk protiens (too) act like dope on your brain..then peruse this site and understand how the medical profession has left you behind.....there is no little Purple Pill for this and so a "cure" is a long way off..... Stick with a Gluten-free Casein-free diet to start and go from there.... I have had some sucess with digestive enzymes but you really have to "go with your gut" Barb
  9. Am wondering if anyone has feelings about products like GlutenEase and other enzyme treatments that digest certain proteins in the stomach before they (supposedly) become toxic in the smalll intestine; and while we are on the subject--probiotics; If you "KNOW' you are casein intolerant and very sensitve but you are assured that .001 percent milk will not affect you...do you drink the kool aid???? I am so burnt on all the research--need antectodals....
  10. Brilliant!! Beer again...though i had one in Guatemala last month (people told me it was rice beer--but it didn't taste like sake) and no reaction!!!
  11. Yes I spent a great deal of time there in the 80's...where do you live? Perhaps trying Indian food out first would be a good idea. You really will have a lot of choices...it's very vegan and Paleo based food
  12. Carrie, Go to Essential Day Spa dot com ( In Van, I think)...they have everything under the sun, but I liked the Decleor line Climatique when I lived in Wyoming...meant for sub zero temps and all botanical based...
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