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  1. I was to dine at 11 Water St. so e-mailed about gluten-free choices. Dorine Caswell, owner VERY gracious and helpful, as was Chef Erin. New gluten-free menu comes out this week and staff are being educated on topic. Great menu, view over water, sweet restaurant. Be sure to try if in area.
  2. I watched my friend do SBD and thought she was nuts, but saw how she went from junk food junky to health nut and loved it, also, lost lots of weight. Upon my celiac disease DX AND a huge weight gain, I started searching for other ways to eat, so I wouldn't starve. I explored SBD and SCD (we all know as Specific Carbohydrate diet), if you look at them, they have some basic principles (plus some great recipes) that make your body respond a certain way. I say this because I now understand my friend when she says she doesn't miss the old way of eating. I found SBD wasn't enough, so now do SCD and LOVE IT. I think it's just a matter of where your body is at, but SBD is good way of eating (of cours, minus all gluten/wheat) It is funny how if you remove something you think was fine, then you add it and see how you actually do react to it. I am finding this to be true all the time, and I feel much more in control. Good luck and if you want to take it a step further, or even just get more great recipes, try SCD website, or cookbook.
  3. The longer I am doing this, the more I go towards SCD diet. I must admit, don't follow absolutely to the letter (still use Lactose free milk in my coffee), but I can go for hours without eating and I am honestly almost never hungry. It is a lot to adjust to, but I found the gluten free substitutes (flour, noodles), only made me hungrier. I bake a lot with the SCD Recipe book, which is GREAT. So now, I use almond flour for treats and it really satisfies me. If I go off it, I feel it and am hungry, so I stay on it. I can' t believe how I ate before, just a whole different way of thinking of food. Others think I am absolutely nuts with some of my concoctions but I love it AND, I am slowly losing the weight I gained since my DX. (so far 8 lbs. I never thought I could lose). I do find it all takes time, I am a year and half into it, and my hope is to be as small as I was when I was eating gluten (I was, of course, starving myself and didn't know it). Now, my body is satiated. Thanks to all who write, I have learned so much from all the comments.
  4. Hello to All, Don't go back to Gluten!!!!!! I must admit it is nice to hear other's having problems, not that I want others to have problems but you feel so alone sometimes. My DX was 2/07, I gained about a pound a month!!!! I am now short and round. I am over 50 so my doc says, "well, you are over 50". UGHHHH, boy, that was a scary moment. I figured doc was right, so I kept making my nice little gluten-free concoctions. Then I hit a big # (for me anyway). Also, for reasons I don't quite understand, I started getting old symptoms back (emotionally and physically). Well I think that scared me more than anything, I knew I had to just start eliminating even more stuff and do it to heal me, I( went on that premise but I really also wanted to lose weight!!! ) I had investigated the different diets people have shared, SCD (specific carbohydrate diet), and Paleoithic diet, I felt they were too restrictive, but I knew I had to take it more seriously, so I am now eating from these food ranges, checked on websites, even bought an SCD cookbook. I also found South beach to have great recipes that fit the SCD range. I am not perfect, as far as some of the restrictions, ie I just don't like butter and I use margerine which is off limits. But I did take all sugar out and have found transition to honey very nice indeedJ). I increased all my physical activity and monitor my caloric intake (but always add room for wine, somethings are sacred). TIP Almond flour (food process blanched almonds) is great, I make cookies, bread from it (lots of recipes or just throw in what you want ie zucchini, rhubarb, banana) and at night, when I used to go for popcorn, I have a square, (I'm not gonna lie to you, it's a good size square), also, I made a shepards pie using cauliflower (cooked and food process) as the mashed potato, I had no idea that was so good. I am finally going back in the scale, wish me luck, I still have a ways to go, but I am trying and I don't have cravings like I did when I ate the white flour (gluten-free or otherwise). I know it's so very tough, hang in there. Great info. on website, thanks to all.
  5. Hey Folletto145, Hang in there! I got DX 2/07, I have gained a pound each month, makes me NUTS, especially since I know people with DX that lost 20lbs easily going glulten free. Others are correct, get thyroid checked, and there was a response a long time ago from someone who said your metabolism may be slower, and you are no longer starving your body so it may have a reaction to not lose. Whatever, in my situation I find I keep having issues so I have looked at Paleoithic diet, or Cave man diet and the Specific Carbohydrate diet, also got good recipes from South Beach diet. I am looking for a way of eating that makes me feel good, not hungry and to reverse the weight gain. I took out all white sugar and white flours, (I know, it's hard to keep giving up stuff). For now, I cut out all the corn, quinoa, buckwheat, all the tasty things I learned to cook with since the DX. Also stopped my popcorn binging and peanut snacking.( I suspect they are allergens to me) BUT, Almond flour is terrific (you get blanched almonds and food processs). I throw in honey, oil egg, zuchhini, (I have large garden), and/or coconut flour with spices. (recipes in all the diets I mentioned or just throw what you want in). I watch the cals. and guess what, for first time in 18 months, the scale is going back!!!!!! I don't crave stuff now, I do go long periods without eating, sometimes I am just not that hungry and I don't have cravings. I am not perfect (except with gluten free) but this has helped me and I know how desparate you can feel). Of course, people think I am absolutely nuts, but they thought that when I went gluten free.
  6. I don't usually respond but you are so young, best to look into this for a better future. Celiac my not be your only problem but it may well be the underlying force to exacerbate or trigger your issues. I am much older than you with DX in my 50's. I see now how it was likely my problem for many years, including youth. Anxiety, depression, and many of the things you mentioned ruled my life. I am lucky I could make a life as it was debilitating at times. I am gluten-free for over a year now. I have improved considerably, it is like a different world BUT I will say all the other things have not just disappeared. The difference is that I can manage it better, it doesn't get extreme. There are days when I feel great and days when I have to control the other stuff. That's life, and mine only gets better. Collect all the information you can on celiac, food alleregens, specific carbohydrate diet info. Doctors are not going to have all your answers, but may be able to help if some of your problems persist to a degree you can't manage. Good Luck Maeve
  7. Anyone From Maine?

    Hi, I have lived in Maine for 30 yrs,, came here to play "Grizzly Adams" with husband (log cabin in the woods thing",. It's really hard having Celiac in ME because Bar Harbor Ale Micro Brew is like the best beer in the whole darn world. The Blueberry beer was a little bit of heaven, we would hike a small mountain with wild blueberries on it and actually smell the blueberries. Then go and have a blueberry beer (ice cold, on tap) from Lompoc's in Bar Harbor. Boy, those were the days. Blueberry wine doesn't come close. Oh well, I still have the mountains and the ocean.
  8. I'm new, love this forum, helps a lot. There was a site, don't remember name, but some people journaled their days food intake, wondered where it went. I wrote to it and now it's gone. Now I think I did something to make it go away!!!! That can't be, right? This wheat free life is cutting my anxiety, but paranoia has heightened.
  9. I am just learning how to use this site. I checked at work, didn't see my note, so figured I screwed up. Checked it tonight and found all the responses. Just want you all to know how supportive this feels. I tell myself this is a little thing, but it ends up being overwhelming at times, especially since I am still figuring out my body. I get the feeling I, too, will be milk intolerant. I noticed something wrong so went to Lactose free, but still think something is up. I hate the thought of no milk in my coffee, don't care for Soymilk, although home made Silken shakes are delicious, for those inclined (Tofu silken, OJ, frozen banana slice, berries, or frozen rhubarb (if you have strawberry and rhubarb it tastes like cheesecake). Anyway, thank you all for being so informative and supportive. Look forward to contributing.
  10. I know the turkey question is an old one, but wanted to add something... We use a baking bag when we cook turkey or sometimes big chicken. It cuts down on the time. When you do this, or even if you don't, it is customary for us to put a couple of tbls. of flour in the bag. Also, some may add flour wtih salt and pepper to skin. So, when eating out, you'd have to worry about the injected stuff or if flour was used. Just occurred to me I made a delicious soup with Turkey frozen from my pre DX days (DX only one month). Just realized, I can't eat the darn thing. . Thanks for all the info. on anxiety, I will keep reading this forum, just started but it is helpful, all these things that you experienced but didn't tell or just thought it was me and I was crazy. Feel better all ready, although need to lose weight. Will follow some advice, more pure food. I find I am eating more lactose free milk, and my pizza is good, but this is probably why weight is up not down. Thanks. Maeve
  11. Hello to you all. Your info. has been helpful. I'd like to join, not so much to write list but to connect. I was DX'd with Celiac 1 month ago. Long story and health issues with that, but you've heard them all. Thing is, I thought I would lose weight and I am not, in fact, I've probably gained a pound. I feel like my body won't give anything up, like it was starving and doesn't want to go back to it. Damage was severe to body and the one month has shown some improvements but I think I will be one of those 6 months to 2 years for healing. I exercise, eat well, but taste buds have come back and my gluten free expirements taste really good. I dont' eat junk,(except my own popcorn) limit the rice cakes (only as sandwich for lunch). I do like wine and popcorn at night. I limit sweets, eat balanced meals, do great during week, then on weekends, I find everything I make delicious. Eat small amounts, but often. Walk always, am lax on the weight training, need to get back to that. I gained my winter weight and figured I'd lose with the DX, but body is holding on. Calories probably 1500 average a day ( I eat less during week and am very satisfied but when at home I get into flavors and tastes, and it feels good for once) I'm middle aged, short, about 6-New person, need help!10 lbs overweight but still a size 10. Has anyone had experience where your body adjusts in time? What was is like for people in the beginning? I hate to do without, but I should cancel my delicious bread and add more fruit. The lists of everyone are impressive. Thanks for listening. Maeve
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