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  1. i'm not a fan of when you implied that we are not being as safe as possible by not using all gluten-free products. I don't eat my mascara or rub in down my face and get it in my mouth, so really, i'm being as safe as i possibly can, its just personal choices. I choose to not be compulsive about non edible non lotion type things. However, if someone else wants to take extra precautions, it's their time and effort and body, more power to them. But people who seem extra cautious usually seem extra defensive, you're allowed to be cautious, i'm allowed to use gluten containing mascara because mine doesn't find it's way into my mouth (even though i haven't found one that does yet), potato, potatoh. nice use of quotes btw
  2. i was really under the impression that you are, that, it has to hit your gut, i really doubt your skin absorbs things and it goes into your digestive tract. I think if it's just celiac, not an allergy on top of it, it works like you say.
  3. what is the powder under the tounge test? is it gluten? does it affect them within seconds? ::confused:: but, The teeth thing is a dead giveaway, like everyone before me has said. That really points to celiac!
  4. Very few celiacs are likely to have any reaction to topical gluten contact. In order for a gut reaction to occur, it is likely that direct contact with the gut lumen is required. Many people with celiac disease have everyday contact with gluten (for instance, bakers with celiac disease who have contact everyday with wheat flour), and do not have any reaction to it. However, there are, on rare occasion, people who have had an anaphylactoid response to gluten, and these people should avoid gluten in all forms. Also, topical gluten breathed into the upper airways may cause symptoms of allergic rhetinitis in rare instances. If there is a simple alternative to a shampoo, cosmetic, etc., you may want to use the non gluten containing product. - this is from the FAQ on the side bar i just thought this was interesting because in fact most people without DH don't react, even though it remains a personal choice. (i didn't post this to start a whole thing again, just to show what the offical celiac.com answer is apparently)(even though i think bakers inhale some and therefore digest it), even the people who wrote this site who on many things seem quite reliable sort of say both sides are right.
  5. thanks! honestly, i really had never heard any of this and I find it really interesting to think about for my future kids! I've heard of people not vacinating children but never have heard any real reason to think about that untill now!
  6. thanks for the advice. you're right. although, i do have to walk on eggshells around here, i remember a few months ago ( i was a "lurker" then lol) how someone named srokie pretty much got nudged off the board by people really not being open to a simple opinion, i don't want that to happen to me. so i will try and watch the way i say things.
  7. i bet non celiac people have them but are just unaware of it. People who have celiac are probably very very aware of exactly what we put in our bodies, and therefore can probably pick out better what's bothering us. (I'm sorry you're intolerant to tapioca!)
  8. i guess i was just asking about the public type soap or like normal soap like dove, dial, etc. I don't use anything fancy like those lol.
  9. maybe your body is just working overtime and needs more fluids! (when you have the flu or are sick otherwise, you usually need more, celiac is no different if you're back on gluten for testing)
  10. just out of curiosity, have vaccines changed since people who are now adults recieved them? One would think they would have become "safer", or is it the same ol stuff that kids are getting now? thoughts? and, can kids get into school without any vaccinations or real religious cause to not recieve them? (I don't have children yet, but am curious for when I do) thanks in advance =D
  11. does it require a lot of ad ins to the mix? Or is it an "easy" make?
  12. please, let's not get catty, let's drop this. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including me.
  13. i appreciate your story, we all have awful stories and it's great to be able to tell them here. I just think you are all a little too concerned with your own opinions and are really not open to other ones. I hope your leaky gut heals as well as everyone else on here. "experts" are given that name for a reason, and i'm entitled to an opinion just as well as you are.
  14. i will try and be more "respectful" in the future, however, it does seem that any opinion other than the obsessive over being sick gets shot down. i suppose it's true that many support groups are self serving. thanks for the gentle warning.
  15. some dentists are actually familiar with celiac, you should look into finding one or one that is at least celiac friendly in your area because there's no way you'll be able to research every single thing you could come in contact with.
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