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  1. just to clarify...would this be safe to eat? An ingridient list includes MFS with no additional explanation/allergies statement, but the product's website lists this product as gluten free.
  2. I bought Creamy Corn Chowder Tabatchnick soup the other day and most likely will try it tomorrow. I dont think their gluten-free soups are made in gluten-free factory, so cc might be an issue. Have you ever gotten sick from eating these? thank you!
  3. My Starbucks has those chocolate/cinammon/vanilla shakers that you can add to your coffee. Are those gluten-free? thanks
  4. Chili's

    That's great to hear! Do they have an actual gluten-free menu at the restaurant or do I have to print out their menu online and bring it with me to show the waiter?
  5. I just tried Vinci for the first time this past Saturday and had an amazing pasta dish! A table right next to ours had people ordering from their gluten-free menu as well. I was a little dissapointed that they didnt have any type of chocolate cake/mouse.
  6. I was invited to a birthday dinner tonight and unfortunately the restaurant does not have gluten-free menu. I was looking at their menu and trying to pick out something simple. Does this look ok to you? (of course, I'll double check to make sure their dressing is gluten-free). Anything else I should ask our waiter? HOUSE SMOKED SALMON SALAD Fresh Norwegian Salmon smoked in our own Smoke house, atop mixed baby greens, tomato wedges, asparagus, cucumbers and red onions in abalsamic vinaigrette dressing
  7. Thank you for your input! Ive had colonoscopy and it confirmed that I have Lymphocytic Colitis. I am having a very tough tough with adjusting to gluten-free diet, so eliminating other things will be a big challenge for me. Would lacoste breath test show if I have dairy allergy? I try to be extremely careful with eating gluten-free and avoiding cc. However, I like to eat out once a week (its only been a local restaurant with gluten-free menu and Outback). I am also somewhat puzzled as to why my Dr. gave me Celiac Panel blood test while I am on gluten-free diet. After reading up on celiac disease, I am under assumption that blood test will not be accurate if your are on gluten-free diet.
  8. I am experiencing diarrhea, stomach ache (including bloating) and weight loss (although my weight has been stable for over 2 months). Before I went on gluten-free diet, I tried dairy free diet for about 1 month and saw no improvements. How long does it take for your ville to show damage? As I stated earlier, my ville looked normal during biopsy. I also have concerns with this blood test, as I was tested while being on gluten-free diet! I appreciate your help
  9. I am fairly new here, so please bare with me. I've been diagnosed with microscopic colitis 2 years ago and my current biopsy showed that I have an inflammation in my small intestine. My GI doctor informed me that that inflamation is almost always associated with Celiac Disease. My ville, however, was normal. After the biopsy, I was put on gluten-free diet (very strict-I checked every source that might potentially contain gluten). My blood results (CeliaPlus) came back today and it showed HLA DQ2 being positive and everything else being negative. I've been on gluten-free diet for over 3 months and see no improvements whatsoever. I am so confused and frustrated. I just want to feel better and finally know what's wrong. Is HLA DQ2 a good indicator of celiac disease? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I am in a process of trying gluten-free diet to see if it makes any of my symptoms better and I eat a lot of Amy's products. I tend to eat Amy's Shepherd's pie (labeled gluten-free) 2x week. I should probably reconsider eating it now
  11. Any updates on this restaurant? I am dying to find out what you ordered
  12. I've had Pasta Primavera, Pasta Boscaiola, Pasta Salmonata and Pasta 4 Formaggi (4 cheese pasta - my favorite!) . I think I am going to try their chicken or veal entrees next. Keep us updated on your trip
  13. This is probably my favorite restaurant right now! Their gluten-free pasta selection is huge! Every time I eat their pasta, I am a little hesitant because it tastes just like the real thing. Dont forget to try their tiramisu or canolli Let us know how it goes
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