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  1. Hello all, I just started eating gluten-free and am hoping to lose weight. I was putting weight on like crazy before going gluten-free, even with watching portions/calories. I lost 14 lbs in March due to allergic reaction to antibiotics and had lost 11 lbs or more less this April after going gluten-free. My weight bounces up and down a lot, and I have a lot of bloating though it is getting a bit better. I am 4 lbs heavier this week than last despite all my efforts. I am currently gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. Breakfast: Banana and grapes Snack: Peppermint hard candy and a hershey kiss (umm do i really have to give up chocolate to be dairy free???? ) Lunch: Amys Black bean chili (1 cup), corn, chips (snack bag), and unsweetened applesauce Dinner: Bunless sloppy joes, french fries, green beans, apple juice Total Calories: 1240 approx. --- Sort of an odd day for me, first time having chili and sloppy joes, or any beef for that matter, is a rare event in our household. I am working on upping my protein and fat levels as they both were very low before going gluten-free. This is also my rebellion day - where I ran away from doing major cooking. Exercise: 5 10 minute walks (breaks at work, to/from gym), arm weights, 10 minutes bike, 15 minutes treadmill (would have been longer but my ill-fitting shoes gave me a tremendous blister which popped and sent me home in pain) I have had 3 "hungry" days in the past two weeks. I felt like I overate on those days but havent gotten over 1450 since going gluten-free/df (average is 1185 calories). I am not eating any special "gluten free" products except i am experimenting with my baking my own gluten-free crackers. Going gluten-free/df has really helped me control snacking and what i call craving binging. I havent had a specific craving yet! Now if only i could stop to bloating.........
  2. Im in much the same boat. I was told to keep eating the gluten until a biopsy is done. I was told that Friday, and now, on Monday Im on the verge of throwing in the towel and just stopping it now. I will try to keep it up cause not only do I need to vindicate all my moaning/fatigue/illness to my friends and relatives, but I honestly dont know if I could stay committed to a gluten-free diet 100% for the rest of my life without a diagnosis. I mean really: no proper cake at my wedding? no giving in when all my friends are eating my fav veggie pizza? forever? I can see myself now going "I know I will pay dearly for this, but oh its such a special occassion and I am with my friends and how I love such and such...surely I can handle one bite or maybe two...." lol but that is me.
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice on how to talk to my doctor. Turns out I had no reason at all to worry. I got about half way through describing my digestive symptoms and she said I should be tested for celiac. So happy about that. I am now waiting for the blood test results and to see a GI. I am now trying to enjoy a few foods (in moderation) before I get taken off stuff. Luckily I am finding I have already lost interest inmost of it (probably mental lol). My question now is, I was wondering through Sprouts (produce/health/natural foods store) and noticed the nice variety of gluten free baking mixes and frozen stuff, is it better to go cold turkey and gradually introduce the packaged stuff as a special treat? or to approximate current diet with these products? I want tobe prepared with a plan of attack (and to trim some inches off the old waistline lol)
  4. My first post . I am going to the doctor Friday for my first discussion about my digestive/bloating/health problems as an adult. Ive had problems pretty consistently since 8/9 years old but always had doctors that didnt listen to me because I am seriously overweight. Havent had insurance in ages, but now I do fortunately. I am not good about discussing things with doctors: they sort of steamroll over with me. Any suggestions on how I should approach this discussion. I have nearly all the symptoms, except weight loss and proven vitamin deficiencies (I supplement up the wazoo). I dont want to get trapped into thinking this is what I have and miss something else, but I also want to have a strong case for pursuing this. btw, my symptoms: extreme bloating (I can go up 2 clothes sizes in an afternoon!), abdominal pain, severe gas, c/d, hot/cold feelings, fatigue, foot/leg/hand numbness, muscle aches, mouth sores, tooth enamel loss/massive cavities, uncertain food sensitivities, lack of menstural cycle, allergic reactions and rashes to common products. I think this fits celiac/gluten-intolerance pretty well but are there other things I should be looking at? Any suggestions would me appreciated! I want to be prepared with lots of questions and requests. Thanks
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