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  1. You might consider that the apple cider is pure sugar and you are feeding fungal growth that would make your stomach have a bad reaction. If your diet is consisting of too many simple carbs and sugar, I would make the assumption that you have overgrowth. To heal, what I have learned, is that you need to eliminate this from your nutritional choices. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...sc=fb&cc=fp
  2. I would say dairy and also perhaps yeast control. I have used Grapefruit Seed Extract to help with my daughters eczema. I put drops into a capsule and by second day it is gone. I would suggest you consider the amount of refined products you are eating. Still can be out of balance with healthy foods even if it is gluten free.
  3. First symptom was seizures at the age of 14. Tried meds but they all made it worse. Went on a gluten-free, CF, SF, CF diet (as best possible with a teen) eliminated all additives etc. Problem I was seeing was there was still a lot of sugar in the diet, and refined grain products. Glucose tolerance test was finally approved after a year of asking and hypoglycemia was diagnosed. No suggestions as to what to do next, but was offered another drug to try. Turned that down. Nutrition, elimination of foods, reduction of sugar products and being aware of protein and veggies during the day. We have gone from 6 seizures per month on meds, to 4 months seizure free. Still working on it, but I definitely see health improving. Can't swear it is being gluten free, but knowing this is a better way to live, we continue to follow it. I personally think that severe reduction of grain products and high sugar fruits and potato, improve gut health. Thus reduces reactive hypoglycemia as well. I am not a medical doctor, but I have kept extensive notes while learning to treat my daughter for the past 3.5 yrs.
  4. Consider insulin levels I have to for my daughter. Think of all the refined products even if gluten-free, and also foods such as potato and banana. Actually figuring out the Glycemic Index of the foods you are eating. Hypoglycemia can cause these emotional symptoms. My daughter tends to have reactive hypoglycemia (IMO) undiagnosed, but watching this has eliminated her seizures. These were occurring around her TOM and an abundance of insulin can kick up estrogen levels. Sorry - I am not a doctor but it what I have personally researched and tried in my own home. Good luck
  5. My daughter has a new seizure disorder (first seizure at the age of 14). We have not had her tested for celiac and yet I put her on an elimination diet and we are waiting to see results. We have had one month free of seizures, and yet also started natural hormones, so I am not sure which is more helpful. Can say almost with assurance that the anti seizure meds are not helpful. Thank God for the internet.
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