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  1. Haven't visited this forum in some time, but I am so relieved to come here and find a conversation already happening about the Chex cereals. I am having bad reactions to the Corn Chex. After reading this thread, I realized I have to learn more about the BHT preservative, but I also wonder if the problem doesn't revolve around contamination in manufacture/packaging. The cereal box says nothing about how the cereal is processed. Has anyone already looked at this angle. I am afraid to try the other Chex cereals now. I am finally pregnant (7 months...third try since our 10 year old son and the first success since going gluten and dairy free two years ago) and end up with terrible acid reflux and the chills when I eat these plus an absolutely scary mood swing/depression thing that takes over for a day or two. (I have never had your typical celiac symptoms.) It's just not safe for me, especially while pregnant.
  2. What a great thread! Thanks for such reassuring messages. Like the person with the original question, I too am "only" gluten and dairy intolerant (endoscopy and blood tests all neg) but have been Gluten-free Casein-free for over two years now. Now 7 weeks pregnant and unknowingly getting "glutened" for the past three weeks by my supposedly gluten-free prenatal vitamin (it contained oats). Now that I figured it out and am feeling better, all I can wonder about is how much I may have set my own body back, not to mention whether I have done some kind of irreparable damage to my pregnancy. My intolerance used to play havoc with my hormones, and that's all you need to jeopardize a pregnancy. It pays to be extra diligent and to avoid cheating right now.
  3. I haven't been on this forum in a while but am glad to come back for discussions just like this one. I am (finally) pregnant again and picked up the same New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal Vitamins from Whole Foods as soon as I found out. I did not see the "oats" listed in the ingredients (I really do need bifocals I guess!), but I did see the "naturally gluten free" and I didn't expect to see oats under the "herbal" ingredients. Anyway, I did not come understand that the really crappy stuff I have been going through the past three weeks was due to the vitamin. Gassy, sour/acidic stomach, acid reflux, brain fog, moodiness and fatigue and then poor sleep. I mean all of things could be chalked up to morning sickness! It kept getting worse with every day and especially after each meal. I finally put it together with one day's worth of pills left in the bottle. IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO OATS, DO NOT TAKE NEW CHAPTER ORGANICS VITAMINS. Twenty-fours later now and I feeling much better. But I am paranoid as to what has been happening to the baby with all this going on the past few weeks. I am picking up a prescription for O-Cal at the pharmacy today. It so hard to figure all this out on your own when the OB office doesn't want to see you until at least 8 weeks out. I am learning from my doctor that 1000 mcg (or 1 mg?) is now the recommended level of folic acid, especially because folks are on low-carb diets or, like us, not eating all the grain products that have already been enriched with folic acid. Also higher levels of iron 27-35 mg daily, which you cannot get in many (or any?) otc vitamins.
  4. My son had similar problems when he was young, but the culprit was dairy. We were told it was lactose intolerance; however, he even got sick on baked goods with milk in them (from what I understood cooking a food changed the sugar composition so lactose should not have been an issue). He has become more tolerant, eating solid and semi-solid cheeses, as well as ice cream, until recently. Last night he vomited about 8 hours after eating a cheeseburger at school. Let me add that we have not yet ruled out gluten intolerance as an accompanying issue. Personally, I have been gluten and dairy free for just over a year. My blood test and biopsy were negative but the diet is working wonders for me. My son's blood test was also negative.
  5. I have a problem with caffeine in general, so sensitive that a cup of decaf coffee will keep me awake and frazzled for two days straight. I did have my "normal" intolerance reactions when drinking coffee a while ago, but that was before I discovered that dairy was the source of the reactions (not the coffee).
  6. I find that remembering to rotate foods seems to help too. I don't have any medical factoids or studies to back this up, but I think that when your gut has undergone such damage, it is easy for what is at first a "safe" food to become a "trigger" food. I have been gluten and dairy free for just over a year now, but I had this problem with potatoes and other nightshade foods for a while. It seems to have resolved itself now, but I try to remember not to overwhelm my body with too much of "the same"...and to keep on my vit/min/probiotic plan.
  7. Nature Made Enhanced Absorption Calcium 750mg + D + K. 300 tablet bottles at Costco. It was Gluten-free Casein-free when I bought my bottle several months ago. You can double check at www.naturemade.com and 800-276-7878.
  8. I found I still had major mood swings because I was still exposing myself to irritating foods. Turns out, that after going gluten free last year (which went a long way to curing my mood swings), I also had to cut out all dairy and caffeine as well. Although I still go back and do decaf or halfcaf for a week now and then. Until the moodswings, jitters and sleepless night hit. Usually, it is herbal teas only now because I can feel my mood start to change even with decaf tea. Vitamin deficiencies probably play a role too, but I couldn't tell you which ones. My doc said I had a B complex deficiency. Good luck!
  9. I just love all the ideas on this thread. I need to revisit and take notes. I have done weekend road trips and one two week stay on the east coast in the past year. I just wanted to mention a bar that I stock up for travel or all-day out emergencies: ORGANIC FOOD BAR, comes in different flavors. I get the PROTEIN bar, 22g. No preservatives, additives, coatings, soy, peanuts, dairy or gluten. 80% raw, 9g dietary fiber, alkaline forming, non-GMO, no trans-fats, no refined sugars. Certified organic ingredients: Organic almond butter, organic brown rice protein, organic dates, organic premium blue agave nectar, organic Bio-Sprouts -flax, organic Biodynamic (Demeter) raisins, organic sesame seeds. I just copied ALL that off the label. It is not the best tasting bar out there, but it's not bad and I know it's going to take care of warding off potential reactions while traveling. Plus, if you are late for the airport and/or all your carryon consists of food/stuff of your kids, you don't have much room left for you. The bar works!
  10. I know this post is older, but I have not been on the forum in some time and I just starting to reacquaint myself. I get super cold after I eat something to which I am intolerant: gluten and dairy (and apparently oats). It is a major, systemic "allergic" response for me: bone-chilling cold accompanied by joint pain and a low grade fever. It has taken years to figure that is the first signal. It feels like I have the flu, and all I can do is get under a few blankets and try to sleep it off. It may last a few hours or all day depending on the type of exposure I have had. My celiac tests and biopsy were negative, but I have been gluten and dairy free now for just over a year. It is now very clear that the cold symptom is directly tied to my food intolerances.
  11. My dietician told me to try Nature Made "enhanced absorption" Calcium 750 mg + D + K . They are available at Costco right now. They are gluten free, I don't know about the soy part, but you can check the company website or call customer service. I am also told that you also need to be taking magnesium in order to enhance calcium absorption.
  12. I am so psyched to hear that! I had called the Sugar House location to ask about them and was told I was misinformed, only the downtown slc location had them. It seems it is be the franchise owner's decision and this one could not decide if it was worth it or could manage the gluten-free cooking process. I was bummed. Draper is far enough away that I may as well go downtown, but it is good to know in case I am in the area. I can't wait!
  13. I feel your pain! I had blood work done in July 07, but then couldn't get in to a GI doctor until October, for which a consult was required before the endoscopy. So the endoscopy was not done until the week AFTER THANKSGIVING. AND no one told me how much or how little gluten I needed to eat in order to take the test. So naturally I had all my favorite foods all the time and was soooo sick by Thanksgiving I could not wait to get off gluten regardless of what the test results were (neg, after all that). As a college student, are you required to have health insurance? Is there an on campus clinic for students? Or a campus teaching hospital? Have you tried a public clinic? Decide what hospital you want the GI doctor to work out of and find out what offices refer patients to that location. If you are under 25 and happen to be on a parent's health plan still (I think this is still possible, it was when I was in school), you might consider seeing your parent's family doctor/GI referral over the summer if they don't live too far away. You might be able to see someone faster. But they are still going to want to do a celiac blood panel first if you have not already had one done. Just some ideas....hope they help!
  14. Hey there Meline, I get the tingling and numbness in hands, feet and sometimes face as well. The face is rare, the feet are getting better since going gluten free at the beginning of the year. The hands are another story because I have nerve damage from carpal tunnel syndrome. You asked about nightshades earlier, this refers to edible plants (there are other non-edible ones) in the nightshade family: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. I recall you have a great number of food sensitivities and I realize that it can be hard to avoid these foods in Greece. I know it is hard to avoid them here in the US! I have been experimenting and think that I might be able to handle fresh tomato slices, but concentrated in a sauce causes reactions in me. I still hope it goes away it is harder than avoiding gluten! Hopefully, you will find out it is not the cause of your tingling toes.; It is a natural toxin in the nightshade family that causes the neurological reaction. You might search online for a well known nightshade plant: atropine belladonna.
  15. Dishwashers

    I would second one of the previous comments about checking into the ratings from Consumer Reports for appliances. Reliability was key to use, customer satisfaction etc. We chose LG, and have been happy with it, but only discovered afterwards that the closest company able to service it in case of a problem is two hours away (we live in Utah). I am happy to say we have had no problems.
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