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  1. hey thanks if it contains malt or maltodextrin then it has gluten right? that's what i was wondering Kraft PB might have....
  2. Hey all. Quick questions. Is Kraft smooth PB gluten free? I heard licorice often contains gluten, anyone know if that's true? It's hidden everywhere! and the only way I know if i've eaten random hidden gluten is I bloat up 4-5 inches, then am searching to find what i ate!!! fun fun. thanks for any responses i get.
  3. thanks again. ya, i got what chya meant with the packaged stuff, makes sense. i think that would be really hard to have your mom not understand what's going on. my mom is the opposite: finding me gluten-free bakeries, looking up info online, helping me check ingredients, it makes a world of difference, so im really sorry to hear about your case. *hugs* perhaps if you look up some info from a credible source about contamination and show her, she might understand better. i know the GIG (gluten intolerance group) has a lot of info and some of it talks about how if a bakery bakes with wheat flour it can settle on and contaminate the gluten free products, irritating the eater. it also talks about how even toasters can be a source of contamination and cause symptoms in those with gluten intolerance, which is similar to the whole utensils and cutting board issue. so overall im hearing if i dont eat the gluten-free breads and stuff im more likely to lose weight. my problem was that before i discovered that i was gluten intolerant, i was gaining lot's and i went on weight watchers and upped my exercise and continued to gain weight!! so i was hoping that if i cut the gluten, but maintain the diet and exercise my body would do what it's supposed to when on weight watchers: lose weight! i have lost like 10 pounds after about a week gluten-free, not to mention 8 inches off my waist! so it's looking good so far. not to mention, i feel so much more comfortable. im willing to go swimming without the fear of people asking me when the baby's due! haha. and thanks to people's input, i am feeling hopeful for the long road to come. christina
  4. thank you both soo much for your replies. it's very encouraging. ya, i understand the appetite thing, you just dont get full while eating gluten!!! good to hear that resolves when going gluten-free. once again, thanks so much. and if anyone else has anything to share i'd love to hear it. tis very helpful and uplifting. i also appreciate the tips on what to eat.
  5. hello again, I have noticed a few people checking out my post, but no responses. I would really appreciate any responses, i'm feeling pretty hopeless at the moment
  6. I'm sorry to say, but as far as I know any research I've done says you gotta go gluten-free for life. Kinda like needing insulin for life as a diabetic. That's how I understand it, can others confirm??
  7. Hello! Believe it or not I have never blogged before, so not only am I newly gluten intolerant, I am also behind in the times. haha. I've been reading some of your posts and they have been super helpful and i thank you sooo much. *squishy hugs to you all!* Alas, I have been gaining weight like crazy, like 50 pounds in 4 months! NOT fun! Also got pain bloating, you all know the drill. When i went gluten free for 4 days I lost 2 of the 10 inches i'd gained in my waist. But, I was wondering, it sounds like people either lose OR gain on a gluten-free diet...for the people who gained weight *prior* to being gluten-free, did you lose the weight once cutting the gluten?? I'd really appreciate any input, thanks so much. Christina
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