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  1. hi everyone..its been a while since i have visited this site. But i was wondering if anyone else suffers from other disorders. I was just diagnosed with Lups and Sjogren Syndrome and Raynauds on top of having Celiac. I feel like my body is being put through the ringer. I can even begin to tell people how sick i feel everyday...but i was wondering if other people are also effected with disorders.. thanks...Lauri
  2. Hello, I have been having a hard time with family and friends with things being gluten free. When I was first diagnosed my family didnt believe there was such a thing as Celiac Disease...my family actually googled the term to see if I made it up...that hurt a whole lot..they dont understand that a simple thing as a bread crumb can make me ill for days...I have gotten into arguments that I just dont have a simple food allergy...but I cant seem to get it across to them..they will embarrass me as family socials by calling me silly yak girl or arent you the one who has silicone disease... I have a brother was comes by often whom I love dearly...he brings things to the house to eat when I tell him those things have gluten in them I cant eat it...he tells me to stop just eat it what harm can it really do... When family comes over I try to tell them that my kitchen is gluten free please dont get crumbs or contimanted it and no one listens to me...I find I spend alot of time crying over this...I have two teenagers at home whom often forget about the contamination also...but they are learning after I become sick for days... I just wanted to vent and see if anyone else goes through the same with family...Sometimes I think this is bigger than I can handle... Lauri
  3. Hi everyone... Thank you for all the great advise..I havent changed my shampoos or conditioners to gluten free just yet...I didnt really think about getting gluten from those products...I also started 2 days ago with the nose sores again..they are so awful to look at...but I hoping with maintaining my gluten free diet all will disapper with time... I did get glutened twice this week by accident and didnt realize how sick I could get with just a small amount of gluten.... As with many on this site, I am having a diffiult time with contamination with family and with friends... My family laughed at me in regard to the disease and told me that I made it up and dont believe that anyone can get that sick from crumbs or anything related to the Celiac...my family actually googled Celiac to see if it was real or just in my head... But, again thank you for the advise with the ears and nose issue...I am not really sure what products are safe to use as I am new to the gluten free diet and I am still learning the dos and donts... Lauri
  4. Hi.. First I want to apologize if my last topic insulted anyone, that was not my intention at all. Was diagnosed with Celiac and I feel that doctors leave you to figure it out all on your own. I was diagnosed and then told I didnt have and told I did have it. Then that was it, no explanation of symptoms or what to expect. My concern is, I have been getting sores in my ears...I would say my skin has become very sensitve I think to shampoos and my conditioners..they scab up and take a long time to heal. Also, I know that getting canker sores in ones mouth is one of the symptoms... but I get ... I would call them cold sores of the nose. I get these once a month...they look awful I spoke to my doctor about it..he wrote it down and said nothing in response to this... Does anyone else have any of these things going on..or something close to it and maybe some advise. thanks...Lauri
  5. I dont consider my self a " lurker" so I take a little offense to that statement. Thats fine with people if they want advise...obviously that is why I am here. But I still believe that alot of people really do try and out do each other with their symptoms. That is my opinion thats all. I have no problem ginving out information as I have done in the past. So dont need to be so angry with my point. Thats what this forum is for as you have stated for venting...
  6. Hello, I am relatively new to this site. I dont often reply to anything, I just read and get information. I was diagnosed with Celiac in July of 08. I have noticed in this forum that people sometimes try and out do each other with symptoms. I found that very odd. And also I find that alot of people on this site self diagnose themselves with the disease. I look at it the more we dwell on being sick it just makes us sicker. People are very gloom we still have our lives in tact we just have to live them a little differently than others thats all. thats really all I wanted to say...
  7. I just found a wonderful doctor in Boston. He is located at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He is wonderful and completely knowledgable with Celiac Disease and he take the time to listen. His name is Dr. Daniel Leffler. I hope this helps it took me ten years for find one.
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