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  1. Sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time. This site is full of wonderful, helpful, information. I would suggest trying to visit as often as possible and pick up knowledge a little at a time. The learning curve is quite high at first. I would say for myself, that this site has allowed me to get on the road to recovery. I try to learn something most every day. I have been gluten free about 10 months. Like you, I made many mistakes and glutened myself frequently. For me it takes about 14 days to fully recover from even a slight exposure to gluten. The always added fatigue and brain fog remind me of the mono I had at your age. NO FUN!!!Also I found that as I heal ,I have become increasingly sensitive to all grains. I now use the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (since Aug 2008) and found that it eliminated many of my symptoms. Although everyone reacts some what differently,I have found,corn causes body aches and pain, soy causes D....sugar causes headaches.....and sleeplessness....(I use honey now) too much fat causes abdominal cramps and D.....too much food at one meal causes upset and every slip up causes brain fog.This is in addition to plain old glutening which is really awful!. But if you can get tough with yourself and be very determined to search out your trigger foods and eliminate them you will see major improvement in a short time. I have weeks where I feel the best that I have in years. At 65, I heal slowly while you at 21 should heal quickly. It is not easy and it takes work but recovery is possible! Study Study...the answers are here. Thank heaven for this forum!.
  2. I found out about celiac disease from research online about gallbladder problems...which I was having. It seemed my whole gastro system was ill. I lost 26lbs in a few weeks and no longer wanted to eat. NOT GOOD. I found a web site of a kind lady from Canada who described her childhood indicators of celiac....short stature ...extremely thin as a child...many infections....many dental problems...That was me! I was convinced enough to try the diet. My Dr. is going along with it. I am 65.
  3. I started out on this healing adventure last August. At that time I could eat all my favorite foods except the proscribed gluten containing ones. But as the months went by, I found that tomatoes and green peppers caused the D reaction. This was not as severe as being "glutened" . A few months later I had to add soy to the off limits list for the same reasons. I then decided to go on the Specific Carbohydrate.Diet. That helped enormously ( my BMs became solid and I felt much better) but this also meant that rice and potatoes, plain and sweet, where gone. Recently I have had a bout with fibromyalgia show up. I have never had this symptom. I traced it to corn.....many pieces of corn bread....so.....out went the corn. UGH! I have this theory that after years and years . 65 in my case, of our bodies fighting the celiac disease, we now have a system that is geared to respond to any irritation. Perhaps with time things will calm down and not be on such a "hair trigger" I certainly hope so. Contributors on this site have indicated this may take several years.....but healing is healing....and I am grateful for that fact. Any how that is my guess from my own experience. Being 'glutened" is not like these other, lesser, reactions. Glutening means hours of stomach cramps and hours in the bathroom with progressive D....also much fatigue and days of brain fog. One can't mistake it for the milder response of irritating food. Perhaps for someone else it is different. It has been such a challenge to adjust to this ever changing landscape. I never thought I would have so many sensitivities. Best wishes Ter
  4. [i agree with Rice Guy, there are other foods that could be irritating your very injured intestines. I had to give up soy, corn, dary (except 24 hr. yogurt) and all the nightshades plus sweet potatoes and other starchy vegs even though they were allowed to celiacs. I had weeks of gas and rummbelings and the big D. Eventually, I discovered the "Spicific Carbohydrate Diet" and following this stopped the D in a matter of days. I also has to wait for ulcers and a kidney infection to pass before I began to improve. The SCD diet was a bit scary as it asks one to eat one or two cups of well fermented homemade yogurt a day to put in good intestinal bacteria which some of us seem to need to heal. I found out about the SCD diet on line.....much help there. Sorry you are having such a rough time....check with your DR.( if he or she knows about celiac disease).....find a few simple foods you can eat...and hang in there. It takes time to heal.size="2"]
  5. The possibility of new hair growth is such good news! After a DX of hypothyroid, I resigned myself to constant hair loss. I thought I would eventually have to go to the head scarf look. Not a bad choice all in all but the hair loss has troubled me for years. It is a sign of poor nutrition. Today, after being gluten-free for only six weeks, I can tell new hair is growing back. HOORAY!
  6. I agree, the learning curve for this is rather steep. I try to learn a little something each day. Af first I was overwhelmed! Also it seems that, as you heal you will be more sensitive to gluten and perhaps other foods. I started out with just getting rid of wheat and then found all sorts of other gluten in my kitchen and that I could not digest soy very well and then out went tomatoes and peppers..... I am still learning just how careful one needs to be. But in spite of all the mistakes, I am feeling better. I hope you will also.
  7. I have been gluten-free for a short time also and was doing very well. But about ten days ago I started to feel a cloud of fatigue descend then two days ago I started with the gas and bloating and.....guess what, the loose stools where not far behind. I have looked for the cause and discovered that I had been making my husband toast is the same skillet that I was heating up my breakfast rice dish in. It had not bothered me until now. I have read on this forum that we get increasingly sensitive to gluten as we heal. I would not have thought that the minute amount of bread on my skillet would produce this cumulative effect. But there you have it! How could I have overlooked this? This diet is certainly a learning process. I hope you recover soon.
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