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Lori T.

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About Me

41 years old

Born Upstate NY-still reside Upstate near birth home.

Overweight all my life-unable to ever feel full-doc say lack of nutrition absorbtion from Celiac

Cardiac Ablation surgery 12/01/05-still struggling with residual effects

3 Gastroenterologists, 2 Cardiologists, l Internist, l Endocrinologist, 1 Allergist, several E.R. md's,

5 endoscopies, hundreds of blood tests, several MRI's and CT's, brain tests, dopplers, multiple gastric tests, allergy testing and too many other doctor visits and tests to count before diagnosis of Celiac by biopsy 10/06.

Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Peripheral nerve damage from combo diabetes/lack of B12 before diagnosis , suspected Dermatitis Herpetaformis, Acid Reflux

Grandmother died age 92- ate Alka-Seltzer to survive the stomach pain-never diagnosed to my knowledge.

Mother still alive-gastric issues-81- tested by unwilling doctor-alleged negative biopsy-same doc did mine twice and was wrong.

1 sister-very skinny-56 years old and weighs about 90 lbs/5'8 1/2"-eats all with no pain, but never gains.

Son-19-smelly, large bowel movmt. for years. docs refuse to test. not skinnny though

Irish on most sides with a little English and Dutch thrown in too.

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