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  1. I went home and checked....I should not be deficient in B-12. I take a multi plus eat plenty of healthy greens. And prior to going gluten free I at more than necessary of foritfied bread... I just hate that they don't listen or concern themselves with any thing out of the ordinary.
  2. I made the Dr's office give copies of my recent bloodwork. Of course they had told me that everything was normal except for my WBC was elevated. It has always been elevated...I have always been given the excuse that it was because I smoked...( dont lecture I quite a month ago). But they ive me a copy cause I have to go to the hemo Dr because I have been diagnosed with leiden factor 5. I start looking and my MCV is elevated among other things....After researching here and other places...it seems this points to a b-12 deficincency... Why has everyone ignored this for years? Since I expect my celiac panel to be negative because I went gluten free about 4 weeks prior to the tests, I was hoping this might help point them in the right direction. Either way I am staying gluten free. It's so nice to be rash free. Plus when I paniced about the bloodtest and tried to eat gluten for two days prior to the blood test I felt awful and had GI symptons I have never had before. Sometime in the near future I will be having a scope and maybe that will show something...
  3. Cinnamon chex has Barley Malt extract...I thought that was a no no? Or did they reformulate and I just haven't gotten the new yet? I bought a box last weekend...I too thought it was gluten free and loved it then realized it wasnt....
  4. I thought I read somewhere that adheasives on bandaids and such have gluten in it. Is this true? I react strongly. It's not the latex, because I react to papertape and latex free bandages as well.
  5. I am pretty sure I have DH. So sure I am not so keen on a gluten challenge so I can get a biopsy done. I will be getting a celiac panel done next week. That being said if I do have DH but no GI symptoms so far, does that mean villi damage wouldn't show up in a scope? I have only been gluten-free for about 3 or 4 weeks.... I know there are "silent" celiacs and DH's with no other symptoms. Does that mean it isn't yet doing damage to the villi?
  6. I am still getting used to this whole glutten thing so I can't advise you too much on that. That being said elavated billirubin levels can be a problem. Having been through that with my mother. There is a little known probable autoimune disease called Primary Billalilary Chirrosis (PBC). It too is like celiacs in that it is often undiagnosed or misdiagosed for years. It took my mom about 15 years to get a definative diagosis. There also appears to be a link between celiac's and even thyroid disease. Oh and one of the symtoms is incessant itching. You need to see a hepatoligist who knows something about this disease to rule it out. Please don't let the word cirrosis scare you is isn't caused by drinking or exteral factors. It's an autoimune response to something unknown. Good luck.
  7. I wasn't going to post untill I got a definitive answer, but after reading, I don't know if I trust the doctors to go in the right direction. FOR atleast 12 years I have had rashes and severe itiching on my legs. It would come and go. Always on both legs in exact same places. I would sometimes scratch untill I bled at night. It didn't matter what I did. Lotions, exfoliations, cortizones ect...It would itch till it hurt and scratching didn't help. Once again I brought it up to my GP when I was in for something else. In an offhanded way he mentioned cutting out wheat. That was 5 years ago. I never really got around to it. Till I went on an extreme diet 2 or so years ago for about 6 months. Wasn't intentional, but I really only got lean plain protien and vegi's with 3 melba toasts or 2 pieces a day of light bread. Lost weight great. After I got off of it I wasn't really eating much carbs of any sort. My itching started back and husband and I noticed my itching was gone while on the diet. The last few months with the holidays and vacation have been a gluttonous time for wheat for me and sure enough I got the rash so bad that I decided to go completely wheat free. It's been a learning experience. Gluten or wheat is everywhere. It's been 3 weeks. I have had one on purpose exposure and 2 on accidents ( soy sauce and immitation crab?!) The day after the on purpose I had the rash for about 24- 48 hours. I also quit smoking two weeks ago. I actually feel better than I have in a long time even though I was quitting. The first two days off wheat, I was ehausted and dazed, but that passed. I do have some external contact with wheat reactions too. My head was itchy and I scratched it and it became inflamed . I also react to adheasives. The number of oral drugs I can take are decreasing fast. Don't shoot me for saying this but I would prefer it to be wheat based problem than the other thing based on family history it could have been. Incidently there are there many autoimune issues question that always come up when dealing with my moms liver dr and my son's endocrinoligist. I am going in for my physical and to be refered to a hemotoligist for a blood work result unrelated to this problem. What or who should I ask for referral too? Allergist or Gastro? I have no gastro symtoms to my knowledge. I just had all the other normal blood work and other than cholesterol and an elavated WBC every thing is right where it should be. I would appreciate any suggestions comments and directions anyone can give me. Thanks in advance!
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