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  1. My son's celiac panel came back negative, too, but his GI specialist said that false negatives are common for children...
  2. mmmomx2

    Food Options While Traveling

    Red Robin has a gluten free menu which has some appealing options for kids. I know how fast food may be the only option...
  3. The ingredients looked fine, but that's the only product I can figure that would have glutened me. My husband is fine...
  4. mmmomx2

    The Ups And Downs Of Recovery

    Oh, thank you for posting! I've been on the diet for four and a half weeks now, and the first week was terrible, the...
  5. Danna Korn cites in her book that 10 to 30 percent of Celiacs have a first degree relative with Celiac, so the chances...
  6. mmmomx2

    Temperature Changes?

    We've been gluten-free for three weeks now, and for the last week my son has been going back and forth between being...
  7. mmmomx2

    Six Month Nerves...

    I feel for you. My little guy is 5, 40 inches and only 32 pounds. We've been on the diet for only a week, so I can't...
  8. We have just gone gluten free, and I realize that my huge collection of plastic cookie cutters must go, but what about...
  9. mmmomx2

    Facebook Group

    I did, too
  10. mmmomx2

    Should We Stay Gluten Free?

    I was advised to go 4 to 6 weeks, and some say two months. I've heard that some people see improvement right away, others...
  11. My 5 yo son just tested positive for a wheat allergy, and I suspect celiac is the real problem. Although he hasn't complained...