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  1. OH yes I def bet your hubby is! My hubby would sell the house to pay for a magic pill i reckon to get rid of my anxiety and mood swings.. so would I!!
  2. Welcome to the Forum! When you say you are subclinical hypothyroid, are you being treated for it? How big are the lumps on your thyroid? Have you had an ultrasound or an FNA (fine need aspiration). I had a massive multi nodular goiter up until 3 years ago... I now have no thyroid and am still struggling to find my sweet spot of medication. I've also been diagnosed as being Inuslin Resistant but my doctor believes that when we get the gluten intolerance and thyroid in check that will be corrected... heres hoping
  3. Thats fantastic news!! Congratulations! I've been Gluten Free for about a month now and the first week my anxiety went absolutely through the roof... must have been some sort of withdrawal I think. Since then howeer I think things have improved (certainly better than that first week anyway!!). I've also started taking Vit B which really helps. I'm hopeful for continued improvement Really pleased for you! Dont question WHY its happened... just be happy that it has
  4. Isnt it great when you have a positive appt with a doctor... finally!! Whereabouts in the world are you??? I'm sure others would like to know where this doc is:) Thankfully I'm also lucky to have a doctor who agrees with the link between thyroid disease, insulin resistance and gluten intolerance. My tests came back negative but he has still given me a letter to confirm that I am gluten intolerant.
  5. Thanks Mango - great advise there - I'll head over to the overseas section and try and find some helpful aussies there Much appreciated
  6. Wow that was some seriously fast replies ... thanks ever so much! Great detective work too, yes I am in Australia... Sydney to be precise and yes Roo is YUM! Nice and healthy too so all the more reason to eat it! The grills for the barbie were actually brand new, bought today so no worries there. Mango... thanks for the heads up regarding the labelling. I'm still not sure how this works though? Does that mean that EVERYTHING that is gluten free is labelled as such, or is it just that the gluten ingredients need to be listed? I'm still not sure what I should be looking for. Thanks again everyone - very very much appreciated!
  7. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself as a Sydneysider My doctor believes I'm gluten intolerant so I've recently started down this path... still learning big time! Looking forward to learning loads here. Rach xxxx
  8. I've not been diagnosed as Celiac but my doctor is convinced I'm gluten intolerant... so I'm giving it a go. I've been Gluten free for 10 days. The first week I felt pretty bad... diaorhea (sp?) worse and anxiety also worst. Things calmed down yesterday and I started to feel much better but for the last hour I've been getting little cramps, I'm very windy and very bloated. I was hoping that someone here would be able to check what I've eaten today and tell me if theres anything you can see that I've made an error with. Like I say... I'm very new to this! Breakfast: Gluten Free Cereal with Semi Skimmed Pasteurized milk Orange Juice Lunch: Gluten Free Crackerbread with Cheddar Cheese slices Corn on the Cob on a stick with butter (bought at a market place... could this be it?) Dinner: Kangaroo Steak cooked on the barbie with Canola Oil Salad (lettuce, tomato, onion) with French Dressing Feta Cheese Mashed Potato with margarine Egg Gluten Free Mayo Orange Juice My problem is that when I check the ingredients I only know to look for 'wheat' 'oats' or 'rye' - what else should I be looking for? Any help or advice is really appreciated... big learning curve this isnt it?! Rach xxxx
  9. Great to hear that rebe thanks I'm still struggling today and just desperate to get over this stage! 8 days Gluten free now...
  10. I know that this is a really old post/thread... but I just wanted to hi-light this again. This has made me feel so much better today. I have been gluten free for a week now and my anxiety has been pretty bad the last 3 days. Reading this was exactly what I needed... thanks for sharing
  11. I cant help with the weight thing sorry, but just wanted to let you know that I also had Hashimotos (dont have a thyroid anymore!) and have recently been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and Gluten Intolerance. I've just gone Gluten Free (6 days now) and I seem to have lost weight already. This could well be due to the fact that my Diarohea (sp?) has actually INCREASED since going gluten free though?!! I'm hoping this is just a withdrawal phase I'm going through and that things will calm down soon! Hows the weight loss going? Any luck yet?
  12. I feel your pain!! I've been gluten free for just 6 days, and today my anxiety was through the roof! My muscles feel weak, I've got brain fog and extremely irritable etc etc etc. I picked my husband up from work and while we were in the shops he said to me 'i think you need to have a lie down dont you?'! I couldnt get my words out properly at all (now this is nothing massively new for me as I get this every now and again, but today just seemed a lot worse than usual). I actually stopped at a junction and just sat there and hubby looked at me like I was stupid... in my head I was waiting for the traffic lights to change... but there werent any?! Hubby took over driving on the way home! Its hard to believe that going gluten free will help when you start off feeling worse. I'm so over this anxiety (been going on for 4 years now) and would love to just be 'me' again... the old 'me'. I've treated my thyroid, my adrenals and now we're onto this ... My bloods came back as negative but my doctor is convinced I'm gluten intolerant, especially given the fact I have had 6 miscarriages and have thyroid disease. I guess I should put my faith in him and keep at it. How're you feeling now ladycyclist?
  13. How did he get on? Hope things are looking up for him
  14. tygwyn


    From what I've read, one week back on Gluten just isnt enough. You shouldnt have been put on a gluten free diet if a biopsy was scheduled so soon after. This is a snippet from the Coeliac Society of Australia: Do not commence a gluten free diet prior to being tested for coeliac disease. If a gluten free diet has been adopted, the tests used to diagnose coeliac disease will be unreliable, and may be falsely negative. If gluten has been removed from the diet, a normal diet must be resumed for at least six weeks prior to testing. During this
  15. Ah... now you're talking!! Thats something that I could manage... and I actually quite like doing stuff like that. Great tip thanks!!