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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. New To Eating Out Gluten Free

    El Chicos has a gluen free menu and if you like mexican food it is quite enjoyable. The chips on the table are corn which is nice. The ine I went to didn't have any menus availible but the manager went and printed me one out. I had the vegie fajitas with corn torlillas which I enjoyed. The vegetarian version wasn't on the menu but if you ask they should accomidate because they have it on the normal menu I believe. The rice is made with chicken stock though so I didn't have any of that. It was the best meal out I'd had in a while. Boston's Gourmet Pizza, or something like that, its a bar and sports club I believe but they have a delicious gluten free pizza. If you go out with someone else ask the waiter/tress to box your stuff first so it doesn't get cross contaminate. PF Chang's is great. I LOVE the Gluten-Free dessert! Chipotle is really good and had very very slim risk of being contaminted so I love eatting there. I just get a vegie burrito bowl and they have lots of topping options that make it delicious. I feel normal when I can go out to places and not have to ask a trillion questions and be very specific with my order. If I remember any other good restraunts then I'll try to let me know. You can e-mail me if you wish cows_should_live@hotmail.com That might be a bit easier. Oh! Olive Garden has a gluten free vegetarian pasta dish that is nice too. Just remember to ask for the table salad to have no crutons, I forgot last time so I couldn't eat it.
  2. Pasta Dishes At Outback Steakhouse?

    Olive Garden has gluten free pasta dishes and so does The Old Speghetti Factory. I am not sure about Outback though.
  3. Lipstick

    Thank you. I looked into afterglow. Their products look nice. I think I am going to give them a try.
  4. Are most lipsticks and lipglosses gluten free? If not does anyone know where I can purchase gluten-free brands?
  5. When I started seeing my doctor about my lower abdominal pain they told me it was just stress. I went back and they refered me to a gastrointolegist (sp?) specialist. They also told me it was stress but decided to put me on a bunch of different medications to see if they helped. They ran no tests at all. The medications didn't help but I was told it might take a few weeks so I took them religiously. They ran some stool tests to see if an old ulser I had came back and it had not. The medication they had me on started to make me feel horrible. I diagnosed myself with celiacs I am so glad I ended up having something that I can test on my own because they were fairly worthless to me. I am so irritated that they told me it was just stress and they were hardly going to do anything except put me on meds that they have no evidence would work because they didn't know what I had! I realize it was my fault for taking them but I was an emotional wreck all the time because I was in pretty constant pain.
  6. That sounds a lot like what I am going through. I have been on the gluten free diet for a while now but I am the only one in my family with it and I am not close to anyone with it so I haven't been doing it very well; until recently I was still eating things with MSG and maltodextrin in it. I just started to learn more and become more strict with my diet. I have been having crazy dreams everynight. I forget them pretty quickly but I know they are vivid. I wake up pretty alert but then after about 2 hours I start to get sleepy again. By like 10 or 12 hours of being awake I am exhausted already. I used to get B12 shots and then I had to stop so I connected it to that, but I just didn't think the gluten free diet could cause sleeping problems.
  7. It drives me crazy too. I dated a guy whos mom was a celiac though I tend to doubt she really was or if she was she wasn't very smart about it. He would always say things to me implying that I was over-reacting or being overly cautions and that things wouldn't really hurt me as bad as they do becuase she would go to taco bell with him or pick the meat out of a pasta dish.
  8. you should try pamelas products pancake mix. It is incredibly delicious!
  9. I heard that there are problems with gluten in flavored coffee beans. I don't really understand how but that's what I read in gluten-free by Elisabeth Hasselback.
  10. Thanks everyone for the support and wise words. I understand that it isn't the worst thing and that every child is different, that is what comes with being a parent. I just worry for the difficult times. It's hard enough being a perfectly healthy child. I know there will be a lot of plus' growing up with the knowledge, better health, and strength for them.
  11. I am religious which makes it easier sometimes. Some days I think of this as a sort of blessing, maybe my life would be alot different if I wasn't a celiac or perhaps it will lead me to doing something I wouldn't generally do. Some days I just break down though. I am sure it is that way for everyone. I actually don't eat too much soy. Occasionally some tofu, maybe two or three times a month but I thought that tofu was fairly safe.. I used to eat the dogs and stuff but I have only found one brand of veggie burgers that are gluten free. Thank you for the congrats and the advice
  12. McDonald's french fries are not only cross-contaminted but they also contain wheat in the basic ingredients list.
  13. New To Eating Out Gluten Free

    Everytime I have gone to a resturant where I didn't speak the languge I have gotten poisened with Gluten. What I try to do is fine places with gluten free menus and go there depending on the food type that I want. If I want chineese food then I go to PF Changs. If I want pizza I go to Pizza Fusion. American styled food Claim Jumpers has a good menu though I am vegetarian so it's extra limited for me there.
  14. I've only been gluten free for about a year now. Things still aren't going so well for me with the diet. I am currently engaged and getting married in October. I am so worried for my future children. It breaks my heart to think that I might be the cause of something like this on them. I have always wanted a big family. My fiance and I have talked about having 5 kids. Everytime I think about my future children possibly becoming celiacs it brings me to tears. Is there anything I can do to help cope with this?