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    I would like to unsubscribe from this group, because it turns out that I am not gluten intolerant. However, I can't figure out how to unsubscribe. Evidently there are 2 ways, but I can't seem to find either one. l/You can unsubscribe at any time by logging into your control panel and clicking on the "Manage Watched Forums" link in the "Forums" tab. But where is the Manage Watched Forums link??? 2/Send an email to the administrator. But, I can't find any place on this site with a link to the administrator. I would appreciate any help! thanks!
  2. Question for y'all. I had the Enterolab Intolerance Test with a score of 33. My Dr., says she would like to have the celiac panel done to confirm Celiac Disease. I'm confused after reading all the posts on where to get the best test...I'm not sure how to determine that. Quest Labs blood tests include only 3 of the 5 that you recommend. TTG, IGA and one of the Anti-Gliadin antibodies...(not sure which one). The cost is $273. I live in Kansas City and there's a Quest lab nearby. LifeExtension Lab offers this for $99: Deamidated gliadin IgA; tissue transglutaminase IgA; serum IgA quantitation. Is there a better lab to get a broader spectrum panel or better pricing or ??? I'm new to all of this so not sure where to go to get the best test without breaking the bank. (limited health insurance coverage), yet still get the best panel. Also, I have gluten-free for one month...how long do I need to be eating gluten for blood testing? THANKS for your help. debi
  3. Yes, he was a GI physician here in KC that recommended me to enterolab, plus my acupunturist ref'd them as well. Being new to this gluten-free world, I am learning alot, but wondering which test(s) is conclusive? I may go back to gluten if the pain/aches continue...but will give it a good 3month trial. I could do the blood tests then perhaps. Besides the aches, I have yet to gain any weight either...with malabsorption/weigh loss being the primary reason/concern for going gluten-free. I will try the electrolytes...thanks for that tip. Also,
  4. I am new to this board and to gluten-free life. I am curious...I used Enterolabs for the Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test: Antigliadin IgA (CPT 83520) My results came back with a 33. So, I've been gluten-free since January lst. I didn't do the panel of other Celiac tests with enterolabs as I don't have health insurance. The doctor that did my colonoscopy referred me to enterolabs, stating that based on my weight loss (14# in one year) and loose stools for over a decade that I was probably gluten intolerant. But based on what I have read here that Enterolabs results are not standardized and/or reputable by medical professionals??? So, I am wondering if I should have some of the blood work done that is recommended in this post to confirm that I am indeed gluten intolerant...and where is a good place to get those blood tests done? I am having some chronic pain/muscle aches since I've gone gluten-free...I have never had this type of pain before and so am wondering if this is "withdrawls" or what? So, I'm thinking that if this pain continues that I may go back to gluten as this pain is no fun and I felt GREAT before I went gluten-free and my only symptoms were the weight loss primarily. Any help or ideas is appreciated. thanks!
  5. Hello. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and have been gluten-free for just 3 weeks. I had no symptoms prior to diagnosis except for rapid weight loss and mild diarrhea which prompted many blood tests, colonoscopy, and eventually enterolab testing. Otherwise, I felt strong, healthy and no gastro issues. I exercise, take my suppliments (vitD., fish oil in particular that are to be good for gluten-free folks) Since I've been gluten-free, my hands are swollen, my body joints ache all day and my tummy is crampy or "off" several times a week. Is this normal withrdrawl? I felt sooo much better before! The joint aches are enough to make me go back to my pre-gluten-free diet. Any ideas? debi