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  1. This was very helpful. I'm going to Mohegan tomorrow and my boyfriend wanted me to find a place we could eat at. I tried looking on the website but it's not that helpful. Atleast I can go to one place to eat.
  2. I have the "Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide 2009/2010 Edition" and it does not list Suave in there as being Gluten-Free, but if the label says there's not Gluten in it or if it does you have to remember that some places to make gluten products so there could be traces of it in your product. Avon does have Gluten-Free lotions, and those are listed in that book as well.
  3. These are the mouthwashes by Tom's of Maine that are Gluten-Free, Natural Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, Natural Cleansing Mouthwash and Natural Tartar Control Mouthwash. I don't know about Lily of the Desert thought, hope my other info helps.
  4. I'm an Avon rep, I got into Avon since they do have Gluten-Free products, but I did look up 2 products. Moisture Therapy in ACE Provitamin Complex body lotion and hand lotion, also Intensive Treatment in body lotion and hand lotion. These are available for campaigns 18, 19 & 20. These are the current campaigns, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions for you. Hope this helps!
  5. Sara T

    Western Mass?

    Hey. I'm from Agawam, its nice to see atleast ONE other person close by. Dont know too many people in the area who have celiac! Hope all is going well.
  6. Sara T

    Anyone Unemployed Or Divorced Because Of Celiac?

    I've felt everyones pain. I've lost jobs and right now, I'm not working till I get better. It sucks. Most of the jobs I've lost are from becoming ill, even if it's just a cold. I can't fight of colds or the flu like a normal person and my doctors have pulled me out of work for a week or two because I've been that ill. I'm to the point where I'm hopeless that I'll ever keep a job for more than a year. Though I'm lucky enought to have a wonderful boyfriend who has been by my side for over 3 years who understands and is will to work through things. But being unemployed sucks and doesn't really get u anywhere.
  7. Sara T

    Still Learning

    You're welcome! You're not alone, I keep reading and there's a lot of people out there still having a hard time staying on track, and it is hard. But this site offers a great book called "Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide" the 2009-2010 edition. Deff go and get it. My mom ordered it for me so I can go shopping and feel better knowing I'm staying gluten free. There's a lot of products out there that are gluten free that you were used to eatting before you found out. It's worth the 25$, it's gonna help, and I've had the book for a few weeks know and I'm loving it. No more standing reading everything and not knowing! Give it a try and good luck!
  8. Sara T

    Still Learning

    My levels are all off and have been for a while. I haven't been able to meet with my new GI doctors, but I'm guessing that everything is still really off. They thought I was anemic and I was going back and forth between being anemic and not being anemic. I know it sounds crazy, but every time they think they have it right, my stuff changes. I'm hoping once I get my health insurance back I can get some help, I'm always fatigued, I mean I can still sleep all day which I know is bad but I push myself to stay up during the day. Good luck and I hope you get back on track!
  9. Hi, I'm Sara and I'm new to the site, even though I'd read other topics before. I found out about my Celiac when I was 18. I had gotten very sick to the point my family and doctors thought I was dying. I was lossing 10+lb's a week and just to the point where I couldn't get out of bed. It took me almost a year after find out that I had Celiac Disease is when I finally felt normal again, I was down to my normal weight and feeling amazing. A year ago, I wasn't living at home and was on my own. I ended up gainning almost 60 because I could't afford to eat right, worst thing anyone could ever do to themselves. I'm back on a gluten-free diet but I'm still not feeling great. I'm still always tried, among other things. I know it's going to take a long time to heal and get better, after all my body still has all that lovely gluten sitting in my fat just waiting. I really wanted to post this to let other know, who are having a hard time, or just getting started. It's not worth eatting gluten, I know it's hard to find food thats gluten free and find it at a fair price. Don't give up on yourself, or you'll never heal. There are days where I just wanna eat whatever, but it's coast me more in the long run, rather than just eatting gluten free. Also, read these forms, it's so nice to be able to read other people's post who are dealing with the same thing you are, and you wont feel so alone. Well it's late for me and honestly, now I'm just rambling, haha, hope everyone who reads this is doing well and is on their way to being 100% gluten free!