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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Canned Tuna

    I had the same reaction, I think it is from the soy in the broth. I don't really eat soy usually, so I was not aware that this was a problem, but I am sure considering it now.
  2. I Feel Like A Hypochondriac

    I can definitely sympathize! I have been going to the Drs for 3 years. After the first year they just gave up saying they don't know what's wrong with me. Then I learned about the gluten thing, tried that and started feeling a little better. I told them about it but when the blood test came back negative, and I was crying in the office when talking about my symptoms, they just wrote it off as psychological and depression. I HATE THAT!!! The thing that troubles me is my health! Not the other way around. I think they are just incompetent and are not very knowledgable about celiac. I am sorry and I hope things look up. Maybe you can get a referral for a celiac specialist who really understands and knows what they are talking about.
  3. Just Diagnosed Last Week

    Christopher, I understand your relief to get any diagnosis at all, and your frustration to have to change your life in this major way. I just graduated college and I find it difficult to eat our very often. I am not sure what the markets in Texas offer, but you can still get your pastas and breakfast bars (like nutrigrain bars) in gluten free versions, though a little more costly. They are still tasty though. There are many other things you can have- though I make them myself to ensure they are safe. There is gluten free breads, pizza, tacos, stir fry with rice (make sure soy sauce is gluten-free), you can still have your meats with vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice or quinoa simmered with chicken stock and herbs. I hope this was at all helpful. Don't feel alone. It hasn't been long for me, but I just have to believe it will get easier. Good luck!
  4. Vampire Panda, I almost feel like I was meant to read this. I was just searching "feel weak like starving" to see other people's stories and hopefully gain hope from those who are feeling better. And I found this which was actually written recently and is SO similar to me! I have also not been diagnosed celiac yet. I have had odd things going on and finally heard about the gluten thing last year. Like you, my Dr recommended removing gluten to see how i felt. I did and I felt so much better after only a month. I told my Dr that I was feeling better and wondered if I have Celiac Disease. They did a blood test that came back negative, so I went back to gluten and back to having the bad symptoms. I found out later that me being off gluten made the blood test invalid. So, like the others said, stay eating gluten and get tested first. Still, the blood test is not 100% so you may do the genetic test or endoscopy. So that you don't feel alone, I am 23, have very irregular periods---it's actually been 3 years since my last one, I am hungry all the time, I can't even sleep more than 4 hours without waking up from hunger even if I had been eating all day, straight up to going to bed. From this constant face-stuffing, I also look pregnant, against unproportionate smaller arms and legs. I have those hot flashes where I am just hot and grumpy. One thing I get that I hadn't heard much of, is the loose orange stools. Sometimes it just comes out like bright orange water! So gross and really worries me. I am scheduled for an endoscopy myself soon, although my dr keeps pushing back my apt, which is very aggravating because I am trying to stay on gluten until then but it just keeps me hungry and non stop eating with little sleep. I hope all works out well for you, and I am curious of what the drs tell you compared to what mine say.
  5. No Period

    I have not had my period for three years. The doctors never knew why, despite their tests. At that point I also started to lose weight and then all of a sudden got outrageously hungry all the time no matter what I ate and gained a lot of weight. So i have been underweight, then gaining fifty pounds, up to the normal range for my height, and still no period. I am waiting for my endoscopy to commit to gluten free living. I am so done with this uncertainty.
  6. Wow, it is insane I have almost the same exact thing. Well literally the same exact except for the itchy skin. What was your result? I'm still waiting to be tested.
  7. Well, I just got back from the ER, and like any odd medical symptom I get, I check it on here to see if I'm alone or it might be related to Celiac. Last night after dinner, I started to feel short of breath, exactly like some of you have said, in which it feels like I have to take constant big breaths just to feel like my lungs are getting the air. It felt like maybe a lung collapsed or something. I would have to breath out of my mouth to get enough air and almost be gasping, trying to find a deep breath, and manage to get one in and feel better for a nanosecond before starting all over. After not being able to sleep and worrying about it, I went to the ER. Doctor did a bunch of tests, blood, heart, chest x-ray, but everything seemed fine. He also said it might just be from anxiety (i don't think so). I asked him if it was possible that since I get that celiac belly- distended abdomen and expanded intestines, if it might just be that all of that was pushing against or getting in the way of my lungs or diaphragm. He said no. But I just don't trust doctors anymore.... And this has happened to me once before, a month or two ago, the SAME exact thing and it lasted like 2 days.
  8. I am having the same experience. Today will be day one of no gluten-- if i can make it. I just feel so hungry and no amount of food will fill me so i just binge. I know that gluten is the culprit so I decide to start the next day by going gluten free, and since it will be for the rest of my life, i decide to let "today" be my last day of enjoyment, but then overindulge. Then the same thing happens the next day and week after week. I just found this forum and have read so much that i relate to and I think this will help me to stay gluten free. Today WILL be day one, and tomorrow day 2... i can do it, i can do it...i hope i can do it....
  9. I get the same thing with grains, including corn. I just yesterday realized that my problem is with all starches though, including beans and rice. Is this the same for you? I am thinking I will need to limit my carb consumption to only monosaccharides--- the kind we can easily digest.
  10. Corn ....?

    I have recently discovered that I have a reaction to corn as well. I found out that there is guar gum in corn tortillas, so that might be part of it, but even if I buy corn flour there is a reaction, so I think it's more. Do you have problems with any other starches?
  11. Can't Stop Binging On Gluten!

    Hey Rachel, I have kind of the same thing happening with me for a couple years now. The blood test came back as negative but I still have all the other symptoms and the doctor isn't sure one way or the other. He justs says that since my symptoms are better when I don't eat gluten, to just STOP eating it. Easier said than done. I do the same thing as you-- load up this weekend because I know I'll never get my favorite foods again. But it never lasts. And eating it just makes me hungrier and hungrier so I have to eat more and more. I was just wondering how you are now and if you've figured out a way to kick the habit. Please share, I could use the help.
  12. The past couple of years have been a rollercoaster for me. It started by me losing my period (at age 20) and then losing a lot of weight (and I was thin to begin with). Then like a boomerang I started getting hungry all the time. I was constantly eating and couldn't even sleep because I would have to eat all night just to keep up. If I did sleep it would only be for an hour or two and I would have night sweats and often nightmares. My stomach looks like a very pregnant woman against a small frame, but I just can't stop eating because I feel starving!!! The doctors did a lot of blood tests and found nothing conclusive. Finally someone suggested the gluten intolerance thing, and I had never even heard of it. It made sense because gluten is what I was eating constantly! A couple boxes of cereal, a couple loaves of bread, pasta, bagels, pizza, could all be consumed in one day and I still felt starving. Anyways, I tried to stop eating gluten for a while and asked the doctor to test for gluten so they did and it came back negative. So I went back to eating gluten. I have since gained 50 pounds. I will try the gluten-free thing for a week or two, but two weeks is the longest I have been able to do it, and I can lose like 10 pounds, but then I go back to gluten because I am not 100% sure that it is the culprit. I have asked for an endoscopy to be sure but they say it wouldn't show anything really and they keep pushing back my appt, now it is set for a month and a half from now. I feel like I should just stick with the gluten-free thing, because when I do I can actually sleep and I start to feel less hungry BUT then I miss my wheat and go back to it because I don't have hard evidence not to, for example, maybe it is just psychological. Maybe I avoid wheat to lose weight, but then cave? I honestly don't think it is psychological. I feel genuinely starving even when I eat all the time. Has anybody found a way to test for gluten intolerance that tested positive even when the blood tests came back negative??? Also, when I do feel better and sleep is when I not only cut out gluten, but also corn and dairy. Does anybody else have this? Thanks for reading my long post. I just feel so fed up with this and I am tired of being asked if I am pregnant!!