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  1. Thank you for the welcome! That is exactly what I am dealing with! I am taking liquid vitamins, liquid iron for severe anemia, and a high protein liquid supplement throughout the day to try to repair muscle damage. Also B12 injections.. I have been SO weak, depressed, and have very sore joints and muscles, so my lifestyle has taken a huge left turn over the last year. My guy friend was so disappointed that I didn't get a ski pass, but it isn't worth it! I bought one last year and skied one time. I need to get my body back! I sure thank you for the encouraging words.... I look forward
  2. Hi, I am new here, just diagnosed on 10/6 after biopsy. I just turned 50. My Dr. said I probably took so long to suffer consequences due to my natural avoidance of bread and bread type products. My diet has already been heavy on corn, beans and rice. Anyway, I am struggling to get over the malnutrition. I hate my wasted muscles! I have always been very active but for the last year have not had energy to go to my gym?! I would like some encouragement. I know my intestines need to heal, but it feels like forever. I have visited with a dietitian, and am trying to find recipes for high
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