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  1. Do you mind telling me what those "7 safe unprocessed foods" are?
  2. Question: Are you taking any sleeping medications?
  3. I have recently discovered that I am intolerant of ALL grains due to the minute amounts of gluten in all grains, even rice. This link: http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/video-tutorial/gluten-sensitivity-what-is-it/ has helped to shed some light on why am still having problems. However the website seems driven toward selling something. I am at a loss as where to find the information about psyllium husk and whether it is truly gluten free. Taking psyllium husks in the past has been unpleasant (no, painful), but I was not truly grain free at the time and my problems may have been associated with the other grains in my diet. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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