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  1. Ravenwoodglass is right, positive IGA added to your family history and symptoms is pretty telling. I had a Celiac panel and the only positive test was the AGA IGA (it was over 60). The NP at the GI office told me I was negative for Celiac, but had some immune problem. I took the results to my PCP and she diagnosed me Celiac positive with the IGA and symptoms. My PCP happens to be Celiac herself, so she was much more knowledgeable about it. She said that the GI NP was not very knowledgeable about Celiac test results. My doctor, thankfully, didn't want me to do a biopsy because I would have had to go back on gluten (I had gone gluten-free right after the test results because of my own research) and she didn't feel the need to put me through that to get a biopsy that might or might not tell us what the blood test and symptoms had already shown to be true.
  2. You should definitely not be drinking pop if you have gastritis. It will definitely burn your stomach. The Prilosec is for the gastritis. That is the standard treatment for gastritis. It lowers the stomach acid content and, in theory, gives the stomach lining a chance to heal.
  3. Those were some of my symptoms before going gluten-free, but I haven't had them since the first couple of weeks on the gluten-free diet. Maybe CC somewhere? I have found that Align has helped me keep things more regular. I recently ran out and went a few days without it and I could definitely tell a difference. So, for now, it's part of my regular daily routine.
  4. I was recently diagnosed and have been gluten-free for about 2 months now. I developed some watery, yellow diarrhea today and I'm not sure whether I was glutened or have a GI virus/infection. I don't have any nausea, fever, etc. I did eat at our church dinner on Saturday and had some potatoes that looking back on it, may have had some gluten in the seasoning. I should have been more careful. I noticed my BM was getting softer yesterday and a bit more frequent, then the urgent D several times today. Could this be a gluten reaction? I am so new to this that I don't know what to expect. How do you ever tell the difference? I've been through so much over the last 10 months with horrible GI symptoms that any change in my BM pattern and I start to get anxious about "it" coming back again. Does that feeling ever go away?
  5. As a kid I would be very irregular, only once every 3 to 4 days, but then I'd get bouts of D. As an adult, I would be mostly C and then 10 months ago everything went crazy and I was mostly D alternating with extreme C. I started losing weight like crazy and that's when we started looking for a cause. They checked everything. I've had scopes from both ends, CTs of my abdomen and small bowel, blood tests for all sorts of things. It took them 10 long months to finally check me for Celiac. I've been gluten-free for almost 4 weeks now (other than a few accidental glutenings in the early weeks) and I am now regular for the first time in my life. What a difference.
  6. I know you said you eat plenty of lean protein, but are you including good sources of dietary fat? Fat helps our blood sugar stay stable for longer. Each meal should have a balance of the right portions of protein, carb, and fat to bring your blood sugar up and have it stay stable until your next meal. Also, if you are having blood sugar issues after meals, there is the possibility that you could have reactive hypoglycemia. My daughter has this and I've had a few episodes since I lost weight with the Celiac's.
  7. I was just diagnosed and so I'm just getting started at de-glutening my home. I have a husband and 5 kids living at home right now that all are gluten eaters. The kids will all have to be tested, although none are symptomatic as of now. I am trying not to feel overwhelmed at figuring out what I need to separate and change. I found myself wiping crumbs off a countertop the other day and realized that I shouldn't even be touching them. It's hard to break old habits. I'm getting better at finding things to eat now, but the rest is a work in progress at the moment.
  8. I was just diagnosed by my PCP based on my blood test results and symptoms. The NP at the GI office told me I didn't have Celiac, but my PCP (who has Celiac herself) took one look at my blood test and said, "you have Celiac." She said I didn't need to have an endoscopy unless I wanted one. She didn't feel the need to put me through going back on gluten (I've been gluten-free for about 3 weeks now) just to have an endoscopy.
  9. I felt that way at the beginning, too. I made myself eat. I also found that eating more whole foods and avoiding the processed foods made a difference in my appetite.
  10. What kind of test should my children have done? I was talking about this with my daughter and son this afternoon.
  11. I was referred back to my PCP by the NP at the GI office. The NP had told me I did not have Celiac, even though my antigliadin IgA was very positive, because everything else was negative. My PCP took one look at my blood work and said, "you have Celiac disease." It turns out she has Celiac herself and is very knowledgeable about it. She said I could go back on gluten (been off almost 3 weeks now) and do an endoscopy, but she didn't want to put me through that and had no problem diagnosing me through the blood test and symptoms. It seems weird to feel relieved, but at least I feel like I have an answer now. She told me her story and it was very similar to mine, all the GI symptoms and being tested for everything under the sun before being tested for Celiac. She was actually blood test negative, but biopsy positive. So, I've been gluten-free for a few weeks and I'm never going back. I am so thankful for the support and information shared on this board. It was really helpful for me in accepting the whole gluten-free thing. It was really overwhelming at first and now I feel a lot better about it. Still mourning some of my favorite foods, but I know I'll find alternatives that won't hurt me.
  12. I'm in the same boat as you. All my tests came back negative, except the anti gliadin IgA, which was pretty significantly positive at 61 (>17 being positive). The NP at my GI office said I was negative for Celiac and that the IgA can indicate someone who has a problem with their immune system. She did not elaborate on this, but told me to follow up with my PCP. I haven't gotten in to see them yet, so I'm still waiting. Everything I have found on the web says that this result indicates gluten sensitivity at the least and possible Celiac. The NP did say that I could go gluten free as some patients who aren't Celiac still find that this helps their GI symptoms. I went gluten-free about 10 days ago. My GI symptoms have been better, but not completely gone. I also went lactose free, but today I forgot and ate a grilled cheese sandwich made with Muenster cheese on gluten-free bread and I've had gas and abdominal pain since then. I am waiting to get into Mayo Clinic's GI department, my appointment there is in July and I am hoping that they will be a little more helpful than my current GI office.
  13. I haven't been eating gluten for about a week now. Most of my GI issues are getting better. The D has stopped, much less gas, and bloating. I still am exhausted, have insomnia (can get to sleep, but wake frequently and very early and can't get back to sleep), and have trouble eating very much at all. I am having some throat/swallowing issues that are unrelated and they are contributing to the difficulty eating, although for the most part I just get full very quickly and don't have much appetite to begin with. I know I need to do some other things, like get rid of my toothbrush and maybe kitchen stuff for just my food. I feel so overwhelmed with all this right now. It seems so hard and I'm just so tired. I need to feel better, I've got kids who need a mom who can actually be a mom. Any advice on finding a doctor? I've got an appointment with Mayo Clinic Jacksonville GI for swallowing evaluation in July (I just made the appointment and that was the first one they had). I also have an appointment in ENT there in a couple of weeks to evaluate for a voice problem. I am hoping that once ENT sees me, they can ask for a GI consult and I'll get in sooner. I have been very unhappy with this GI office. I always see the NP and she is very close-minded. If you disagree with her or bring up any research you have read that doesn't line up with what she tells you, she just gets offended. They're supposed to be one of the best GI practices in Florida, but so far, I've not had a great experience there.
  14. Hello everyone, I posted in the pre-diagnosis forum, but didn't get any response, so I'm hoping someone on this board has some advice for me. These are my test results: TtG antibody IgA <3 reference range <5 negative Gliadin antibody IgG <3 reference range <11 negative Gliadin antibody IgA 61 reference range >17 positive Endomysial AB IgA screen negative Lactoferrin, stool, negative The NP at my GI office says that I am negative for Celiac. She said the elevated gliadin IgA can indicate an problem with my immune system. I have searched the web repeatedly and cannot find any info on this at all. Everything I read says this may indicate Celiac or non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. Does anyone have any insight on this or any advice on other tests I should have. I had an upper endoscopy back in August (when all this started), but they did not do a biopsy because they saw no inflammation. They were not thinking Celiac back then, but GERD, which they ruled out due (I do occasionally have reflux). Thanks!
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