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  1. I was diagnosed with Celiac back in April of 2011. It was pretty hard for me. I gave up wheat and gluten, but I kept craving it. I got "glutened" accidentally hundreds of times. I had reaction after reaction. I felt like crap. I was extremely unhappy not just with my diet, but with food in general. I got more and more depressed. I started to cheat. I figured, if I'm going to get glutened and suffer anyway, why not enjoy it? I understand this makes no sense, I get that. I was in a very bad place. I made myself very ill. About a month ago, I was talking to a holistic healer who is a dog training client of mine. She asked me why my hands were bleeding, (I have bad DH), and I told her and it got us to talking. She asked if I had considered going completely grain free. I told her that I only had a problem with gluten and she asked me if I would try it anyway. I figured that things couldnt get much worse, so I went for it. I have never felt so good about my eating. Ever. My hands are almost cleared up, my mood is 150% better, I haven't had diarrhea in weeks, I'm slowly losing some weight, I have been completely gluten-free and without an accidental "glutening" for 3 weeks now. For me, grain-free really is the way to go. Oh, almost forgot. I walked into the breakroom where they were eating pizza tonight, (something that used to would have sent me into tears), and I felt no desire to have a slice. None at all. Success!!!
  2. People kept bringing in Wendy's crispy chicken sandwiches to work and it was killing me. So, I threw together the following recipe and to my surprise, it was no only edible, but satisfying. (It didn't taste like Wendy's though ;-) ) The recipe is for one sandwich, though if you were making multiples you wouldn't necessarily have to double or triple it, I had breading left over. Combine: 3 tablespoons cornmeal 3 tablespoons gluten-free all purpose flour 2 teaspoons paprika 1 teaspoon Montreal chicken seasoning 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder In another bowl, beat 1 egg. Pound chicken breast until its about 1/2 inch thick. Coat with beaten egg and dredge through flour mixture. Fry in olive oil at medium heat about 20 minutes, turning frequently. I ate mine on an Udi's hamburger bun with an aioli and a couple pieces of lettuce. Yummy!
  3. The peanut butter cookie recipe that we use is actually 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg, and 1 cup sugar. They come out very tasty. Thank you for everybody that read and gave advice. Moving out just isn't an option at this point, but separate foods are. I make my own money, so I am able to buy my own groceries. I have been labeling everything "Gluten-free" (even cheese and bacon) to mark them as mine. I think the jealousy thing might be hitting the nail right on the head. I wont say that the whole house is completely gluten free, but when my mother cooks dinner, she doesn't cook with it anymore, which is probably irritating my sister. I decided to take a chance and took her out to lunch the other day. I made her sit there and watch how careful the waiters and cooks are at Red Robin (the manager came over again and gave us the whole spiel about how careful they are again, which helped a lot) and I think that it may have made an impact. My skin has been clear now for almost a whole week, and I haven't had any digestive episodes. And today, I was even watching from the living room as she made a sandwich and I watched her wash her hands and then put the meat and cheese out on a plate BEFORE putting her hands into the bread bag (which is how mom and my step-dad have been doing it), so maybe things are going to get better. I can always hope! Thanks again!
  4. I am trying so hard to do this stupid thing right. I felt better at first, but it seems like, the farther from the gluten that I get, the more sensitive to it I get and every little thing sets me off! My skin is a miserable mess again, and I literally can't keep from getting "glutened" long enough for it to clear up. It will start to get better, and then suddenly, some CC will occur and I will get those little freaking orange blisters again, which I can't help but scratch and then they scab and turn into a flaky mess. My hands are back to looking really freaking gross. I am eating strictly gluten-free foods. Everything that I put in my mouth is gluten-free and I am really careful about that. The problem is that I live with 3 other adults who aren't gluten-free. My mom is super careful about CC and looks out for me as much as she possibly can. When this all started, she almost immediately identified butter, peanut butter, and mayonnaise as sources of contamination. So now there is separate "gluten-free" versions of those foods. She has fixed the cookware so there is completely gluten-free cookware and dishes, and even bought a separate cutting board so that we could cut veggies and things without using the bread board. My step-dad is likewise careful (although not nearly so much as she is). I realize that this is a huge imposition and and super grateful to both of them. I have pretty much given up on my sister though. She does nothing to minimize contaminating community food. So much so that they other day, my mom came in and told me that she made me my own sugar container because she found bread crumbs in the sugar. I identified the shredded cheese as the most recent culprit for cross contamination since my sister is using it to make grilled cheese sandwiches and not only not washing her hands before getting cheese, but she is buttering her bread over it. I don't expect her to change. I just don't know how I can protect myself from this while living in the same house. The other day she brought me a peanut butter cookie and told me that she made it using the gluten-free peanut butter. I ate it. The next day- had big problems. I finally remembered the cookie and when I went and checked, the gluten-free peanut butter hadn't even been opened. She had used the regular one and lied about it. I don't know what the motives were there, but it sort of makes me feel like she is screwing me up on purpose. If you have made it this far, thanks for reading. I am just trying to figure out how to handle this. Moving out isn't an option at this point since I have just started a new job and have a 10 month old. I just need a new angle on how to handle the food issues.
  5. I really hope they all live up to this one. They were so cool. Its been two days and I'm still feeling great. I had a terrible experience at IHOP however, lol. I will have to write that one up later. (I didnt end up eating.)
  6. Just thought I would share. They were so awesome. My family decided to go out to get dinner, and I mentioned that I thought that Red Robin had a gluten free menu, so we went there. After the waitress seated us and went to retrieve a highchair for the baby, I asked if they did indeed have a gluten free menu. She said, "Oh yes we do, I'll bring it right over" and disappeared. About two minutes later, the manager of the restaurant appeared holding one of the gluten free, allergy menus and asked me, "Have you eaten hear before? Are you aware of our allergy program?" I told her know, so she stood there and talked for about 5 minutes about how when I ordered, one cook would be assigned to my meal, and he would first clean his work space and then use special utensils and cookware to prepare my meal. The fries would be cooked in a fryer that was specifically dedicated to gluten free and cooked potatoes only. All parts of my meal would be served in yellow dishes so that everyone involved would be aware of my allergy and I could be certain that I got the right meal. She also said that some of the things that I might think should be on the menu as gluten free werent because they were very aware of cross contamination and they wouldnt serve foods that the suppliers would certify gluten free. Needless to say, I thought this was totally above and beyond. Considering when I went to El Pollo Loco, they wouldnt even let me order and told me that I needed to go home and look online to find their allergy information. Red Robin really impressed me. When my food was ready, the manager brought it out to me ahead of the other dishes at the table with an apology and an explanation that the allergen free dishes werent allowed to go through the window with the other food, to avoid contamination. She then kept an eye on the kitchen and brought the rest of the families food just a few minutes later. It is now the next night and I am neither covered in blisters, nor have I had any intestinal issues. So, I have to say, they totally won me over.
  7. Thank you very much for the reply. I am considering having the baby go gluten free. We currently live with my mom and her husband, and neither of them are gluten free, but I also dont have to feed them their food, so. I'm definitely thinking about it. I will try the ointment, thats a great tip. I know that the blisters will heal faster and go away easier if I dont scratch them, but that is IMPOSSIBLE. My mom told me that she walked by my room and I was scratching in my sleep!
  8. I'm just wondering. Is there any way to treat the rash once it happens? I have been following a gluten free diet for just shy of a month now, and I was doing ok. My symptoms has gotten SOOOOOO much better during the first two weeks. But now, I have had a couple of accidents. The lastest one was two days ago. I accidentally stuck a spoonful of multigrain baby cereal in my mouth to make sure it wasnt too hot to feed the baby. I immediately realized what I had done and kicked myself for it. But now, I have blisters on my hands and arms, and rashy areas on my legs. I am so itchy that I could cry. Earlier today I took 3 benadryl to try to relieve some of the rashy symptoms, but it didnt even help a little bit. What can I do to make this better, and how long is it going to last?
  9. Its amazing how things can seem so dark one day and the next day- wham. Things get bright again. Well, today was my day. I started off the day the way that I usually do- with a job hunt (I spend about 1 hour on this every morning while the baby is asleep). I got a lead and submitted an application. Then, the most magical thing happened. Like, 2 hours after I submitted the app, the manager called me and said that with my qualifications they had another position in mind for me, and could I come in Thursday for an interview!! So, things were looking up. The second thing was, this was the first day that I didnt crave wheat. Its going to sound stupid, but I almost feel like I was addicted to wheat. Bread was like, my staple and I feel like I was literally jonesing for it, like it was a cigarette or something. (I know thats silly). But not today. Not even when we went to Costco and there was only one sample I could have. Didn't bother me. Then, the final ray of sunshine- after dinner, my sister asked me if I would like to go with her to get some ice cream for the family, so I could pick one out that was safe. She also apologized for the other morning. All in all, I am feeling pretty good tonight. Now, if I can just get that job, things will be golden!
  10. I am SURE that these have been posted before, but I made them tonight and they are delicious! Ingrediants: 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup white sugar 1 large egg Blend until sugar and egg are mixed in. Dough will look slightly "Dry". Form into 1 inch balls, mash flat with a fork and bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. Makes 24 cookies. Warning: These are not low calorie in ANY sense of the word.
  11. Hmmm. I can totally see her thinking all of these things except the "lets you look fine" part. The rash that I had from eating gluten... I wouldn't go so far as to say that it was disfiguring, but she used to say that I could play a half demon on Angel because of the way that my hands, arms and legs looked. (I was pretty darn scaly and blistery). The rest of it though, probably spot on. We just found out that she bought candy for everybody too. Crunch bars obviously, because she knows I can't eat those. When I went out to make lunch, my mom informed me that neither she nor Bruce had eaten any of the blueberry muffins because they thought she was being cruel and then punched the air and said "Solidarity sister!" Which made me laugh. I have to hope that my sister will come round. We tried to kill each other as kids a lot, but our relationship had been much better since I moved back to the state. We have even taken a couple of college classes together. Here's hoping she gets over whatever I did to piss her off!
  12. She is 19. She still has a bit of growing up to do. (Who doesnt?) I think if I were a little bit farther removed from gluten, it wouldnt be so bad. I feel 300% better than I have since 2006, so, I'm not even tempted to cheat, and pouting is not my style, so, I think I just need to find something yummy that I have all the ingredients for and make it for lunch.
  13. I am going to try very hard to articulate this correctly so that it doesnt come across wrong. A little background: I am 23 and recently relocated from Texas. My 8 month old and I are living with my mom, stepdad and sister until I can find a job out here and a place to live. I am the only one in my family who currently has to follow a gluten free lifestyle. (My mom is going to try it this summer to see if it helps her symptoms at all) but right now, its just me. My mom and stepdad are very understanding and are trying to be very considerate where food is concerned right now. My sister, not so much. What brought this whole thing up was breakfast this morning. I had gotten a bread mix for my birthday (which clearly I cannot eat now), so my mom made it for the rest of the family for breakfast. She had asked me how I felt about it first and I told her that I was fine with it, it wasnt my favorite flavor anyway, and it was going to expire if she didnt bake it. As we were all sitting around and they were eating the bread, my sister decided that it wasnt enough for breakfast. She said she wanted to get some blueberry muffins. I asked if we could try out a gluten free recipe that I had found and she flat out said no. (She was buying the supplies so I cant argue with that). They then decided to just get sausages and eggs instead and left for the grocery. They returned with... blueberry muffin mix. I dont know how to accurately explain how I am feeling. Its like, I don't begrudge her the muffins. I don't feel like she should have to eat gluten free just because I do. But I do feel like she left me out. I just quietly got up and took the baby into our room for a nap. My mom told her that she had been inconsiderate and she became rather belligerant. My mom covered my toaster for me, to protect it from flying flour particles, which was very nice. I feel like, it would be different if I had something similar in there to eat, but we grocery shop at the beginning of the month and by the time I was diagnosed, there wasnt actually much money for food. We got a couple of things to get me through, but wont actually get groceries till Tuesday. I have actually made up my mind not to say anything... but, it is bugging me, because I made myself gluten free peanut butter cookies which my sister ate and fed to her boyfriend, but, not only did she not consider me this morning, she actually made a conscious decision to leave me out. I don't know. I am probably overly emotional due to hormones or something and blowing this way out of proportion. Its just new and hard.
  14. I think that you are prety normal. Whenever a person enters into a new condition in their lives, its natural for that to occupy all their thoughts. For instance, when I was pregnant, I was reading and researching constantly and that was what I wanted to talk about. When I had my baby, TRUST ME, that baby was all that I could think about. And now, we talk about the celiac alot at home because even though I am the only one going gluten free, its affecting us all. The key I think lies in judging interest. If you can learn to tell the difference between polite listening and actual interest, it will go a long way towards preventing boredom. Check eye contact. Are the eyes wandering alot? Are they asking questions? Are the shifting their weight uncomfortably? If you think you have gone to far and might have bored someone, you can just say, "I'm sorry, I have just learned so much in such a short time, its hard not to share. How's your dog? (or child, or son, or husband, w/e)." This way, it gives them the chance to either change the subject or say, "Oh no, Its very interesting. What do you do for sandwhiches?"
  15. I am exactly where you are. Well, almost. Today I am 3 weeks gluten free. I eat well through out the day. I start out healthy, with good cereal and milk and healthy sandwhiches and salads for lunch. Then, for dinner I usually eat a meat, a vegetable and a carb. Right afterwards I feel like binging on junk. Its gotten pretty bad. One night I sat there and finished half a bag of Ranch rice cakes (which are pretty much chips) and then last night, I was jonesing for cookies really bad and so I got up and made a batch of gluten free peanut butter cookies and then ate like, half the batch. I have gained weight on this gluten free "diet" because my will power is like, zero now. I badly want to fix this, but even now, everybody ate cinnamon apple cake for breakfast and it makes me sad to the point where I want to go an binge on food that I CAN eat.So, I dont really have any suggestions for you but, If anyone else has any suggestions on how to repair the will power (without just telling me to "get over it") it would really be appreciated.
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