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  1. LOL, oh, that was just what i needed ! Glad to know I'm not alone Just two weeks ago I was waiting in the checkout with a trolley full of groceries and of course, I started to break out in a sweat and knew I had to dash. My daughter was with me and since this is not a rare occurence I bolted to the loo and left her to pay. well lets just say things were worse than I anticipated and I was taking some time (and yes I do the double flush too!) next thing i know my mobile phone goes off ( set on the loudest volume, with an inspiring piece of military music!) and of course I can't find it quickly because 1) i'm otherwise occupied and 2) who can find anything in the bottoom of my handbag? can you imagine how much a mobile phone echoes in a place like that? anyway it was my daughter ringing to see where i was & if I was OK becauae I was taking longer than usual. needless to say I waited even longer until I thought the coast was clear before leaving cheers louie
  2. I'll declare my bias upfront here, I work in the mental health field I see lot of clients with anxiety and depression, some on medications, some not, the drugs do have different effects on people and if you decide to take them give them a fair go to see if the inital effects settle down after a few weeks. In my experience (and in a sweeping generalisation!!) i've noticed most people on the medications who get psychological treatment improve faster because they are better able to concentrate on doing the work needed for treatment. people not on medications also usually improve with good treatment but it's a bit slower and more difficult to begin with. i t also depened on how severe theier anxiety and depression is. If people just take the medications and don't get psychological treatment many don't actually change anything, if they come off the drugs then they may feel just as bad because they haven't addressed the problems, they've 'just medicated the way the feel, depending on the issues. Some people need to stay on medications for good, and that doesn't mean their a failure, if it works use it. A minimun of 6 months on medications before trying to stop taking them give's them time to get treatment. if you can afford it, find a good psychologist, generalised anxiety disorder,panic attacks and depression are all very treatable. I myself have sufferred depression and anxiety attacks. I couldn't take medication as I had terrible reactions to it. (so I became a 'shrink' instead! ) just be careful though that you are not made to feel that celiac and allergies etc are not all in your head or that you are being oversensitive about your diet. (I have come across these types and enjoy correcting them!! ) If doctors don't know much about celiacs then psychologists know even less. it is quiet realsitic that people with a serious disease get anxiety and depression, celiac disease affects your entire family and way of life everyday, It takes quiet a lot of adjusting to and often our families and freinds do not understand. often people have been depressed due to years of being really sick & malnourished, having tons of tests and being told there is nothing wrong or getting the wrong diagnosis. anyway I've had my rant! I can put together a list of books I use with clients later and add to the post if you are interested cheers Louie
  3. Hi Maggie, I'm in central west NSW, I would be happy to to use this forum or email to talk about aussie issues and celiac disease. where shall we start? Louie
  4. It can be really overwhelming at first but it will get easier, this is a great site and there are plenty of people here who will happliy answer any questions you have A few tips that helped me: many people find that they need to cut out milk for the first 3-6 months and then reintroduce it, While you are still trying to learn about it all think about basing your diet on fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and brown rice, then you can add foods and get more creative as you learn more and find products that are gluten free. set aside some time to go to the shops and just read a lot of labels so you can find gluten-free products also try online shops such as the gluten free mall a lot of people who work in health food shops or who give nutirional advice are NOT experts in celaics disease so be careful of whose advice you take. Cleaning out the panty, fridge cupboards and changing over the staples (eg. salt, gravy, sauces, stock, cereals, flours) for gluten free versions will help you to get familar with whats available. seperating the the gluten free and gluten containing foods helps the rest of the family to learn about what can be used, label them if you need to unitl everone is familar with what cant and can't be used have seperate spreads (butter, jam, peanut butter, etc) that are labelled, and a seperate toaster, I'll leave others to recommend cookbooks because I hate to cook so I just adapt recipes that I like and buy gluten free baked products. with websites just be cautious and critical of what you read, i have found this website to have good advice and contain accurate information, some other sites I have looked at have been a mixed bag with some questionable information, I'm sure there are other good sites but i'm just not familar with them it will become clearer with time, just keep asking questions till you get the answers you need cheers Louie
  5. I've been glutened by well meaning friends, especially when I was first diagnosed, I've even had friends buying food that they think is gluten free for me and then I'm apologsing for not being able to eat it which is embarressing, but at the end of the day it's my stomach thats going to ache, not thiers. I ended up just telling people that it's a very complicated diet , i can basically only eat plain meat, rice vegetables and fruits with no sauces/ dressings, and this seems to have worked well with my friends I just hate it when I go somewhere and what I can and can't eat becomes the main topic of conversation, I'm someone who hates being the centre of attention at the best of times and sometimes people just start asking questions and coming up with all kinds of useless advice and recipes that are not gluten free, suddenly everyones an expert of celiac! I've become good at changing the topic when this happens. I have one freind who I will take food from she is Italian and used to cook for a resaturant and her food is FANTASTIC!! she makes everything from scratch (even stock!) and is fanatical about getting my food gluten free. In my last year of uni when I was going crazy trying to finish my hons dissertation on time, she arrived at my house with 2 weeks worth of frozen gluten free Italian meals
  6. Sex: Female Age: 42 Date started gluten free diet: august 1999 Suffer from the following on a regular basis since starting treatment: Constipation, only if dont eat enough fruit Diarrhoea if get glutened and if too much milk or chocolate Abdominal pain if get glutened Indigestion never Acid reflux never Other related problems before diagnosis skin irritations and allergies, depression, brain fog, miscarriage & pregnancy problems
  7. the problem with manysupplements for adrenal fatigue is if they are stimulating the adrenals. This it is like flogging dead horse and will actaully make things worse in the long run, so if you decide to take supplements check out exactly how they work on the body first. stay away from guarana and cafeine the reason the adrenals get fatigued is from too much stimulation. the best thing is reducing stress in all areas of your life, getting healthy and allowing the body the time it needs to get well, rest. unfortunatley it can take a while but overstimulating already exahuasted gland will just cause more damage, a case of the cure being worse than the disease.
  8. I was diagnosed IBS in my early 20's and went throught 12 years of getting sicker and sicker to the point of being unable to work for 4 years before a doctor diagnosed me with celiac disease. If i knew anyone getting a diagnosis of IBS now, I would tell them to get tested for celiac before they make any dietary changes. I t might save them a lot of misery if they have been incorrectly diagnosed with IBS cheers Louie
  9. I always call ahead and ask if a gluten free meal is available and discuss this with the chef if possible, I ask if they have gluten free and if they don't know what it is I tell them I am on restricted diet for a medical reasons and i need plain food no sauces or gravies, no wheat or bread, I keep it simple i check what is in the meal before I order. I still ask what is in the meal when it is bought out as I had one chef send me cous cous!! (cracked wheat) I don't eat at fast food places because there is little available here in Australia that is gluten-free and there is too much cross contamination. the best bet is often a counter lunch at a pub where I can get grilled chicken and steamed vegies or salad. If they do a good job i always thank them and tell them I will let others know they do gluten free, and of course locally, I keep going back to the good ones and they get to know what I like.
  10. I used to have bad dizzyness especially if I stood up too soon, after managing low blood sugar levels and treating the candida problem it was still there (but the brain fog was gone) It turned out I just had low blood pressure and my doctor got me to add salt to my diet ( which I had never eaten as I had bad kidney disease as a child and was put on a salt free diet) I added salt (just a sprinkle at meals, I still don't cook with it) and now have no problems, and my kidneys have stayed fine. Also because I had never eaten salt I never thought of myself as being on a salt free diet so he just assumed i ate it Sometines it takes a bit of detective work but a good doctor helps.
  11. It's a difficult thing to go through and I'm sorry for your loss. I also had a miscarriage and both my childrens preganacies were threatened with miscarriage the whole time i was pregnant. The stress was enormous and the grief is often not acknowledged by others. This was before I knew I was celiac but I had all the symptoms. I know often miscarriages occur for no known reason but they can be associated with celiacs disease. It may be for a reason other than celiac though, as you are gluten-free and not malnourshed. in the mean time surround yourself with supportive people and a good doctor, don't give up hope louie
  12. in australia we have Sustagen which is gluten free but i'm not sure if it has soy or dairy in it, and not sure if it's available in America under the same name. You can get it in Hospital Strength which has more calories and is best for weight gain I used to use this in the early days when I was struggling to keep my weight up, both as a meal replacement if I was too sick to eat and also as a supplement between meals. sip on lemonade throughout the day too, it has lots of energy and is easy to digest hope your'e feeling better soon
  13. when I was first diagnosed and very sick I started off eating only brown rice, pears and rice cakes for a few days (as these are low allergy/ low irritant) and then adding fruits vegetables and chicken. Also it may help to completely cut out milk products as this can also be a problem when first diagnosed, but after a few months you could add milk adn see how it goes. A course of acidophilus and Bifidus after antibiotics will help restore the gut flora if diahorea is a problem then don't have any hot fluids as it speeds up the action of the gut, stick to cooled fluids ( this will slow down the gut), but having plenty of fluids, especailly water, is important
  14. I always try and have fruit, protein and carb so I have some combination of the following: fruit smoothie (+ yoghurt or acidophilus ) carrot, celery & prune juice stewed fruit with LSA mix on top (crushed linseed, sunflower seed & almond) which is good fibre & as others have said good for high cholesterol) rice cakes and banana egg on toast & fruit juice chicken or cheese toasted sandwich broccoli/ zucchinni and melted cheese ( a favourite)
  15. Hi I'm in Bathurst in the central west of NSW, its great to find this site, I can get most things here from Coles and we have a great takeaway shop where I can buy gluten free hamburger/ chips etc which means I can buy takeaway with my family again. we have a local baker who makes great bread and cakes and a few good place to eat , my favourite is a place called Zieglars, they have gluten-free white chocolate raspberry cheescake!! Mmmm!! I'm going to check out the gluten free online good to hear from some other Aussies cheers Louie
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