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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Diabeties And Celiac

    Dear Karen; I had been diabetic for about 10 years when my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease last summer. I felt pretty overwhelmed at first trying to correlate my dietary needs with hers. I do the food prep for our family out of a small kitchen, so it seemed easiest to have everyone be gluten free. We went to a dietitian who explained to me that many of the gluten free carbs have a higher glycemic index(in fact I had avoided many of them for that very reason) and that I could compensate by adding a unit or 2 of regular insulin to my sliding scale regular at mealtimes. My blood sugars are still up & down a lot; but my last HgbA1c was the lowest it's ever been after about 6 mo on a gluten-free diet so that's encouraging. At least we have some experience in tailoring our intake! Hang in there, I think you're on the right track w/ the low carb direction. ksc
  2. Hmmm; your reply is food for thought(pardon the pun!). She has been diagnosed since july 2003. I have been diabetic for several years and have to eat on a regular schedule whether or not I feel like it; even though sometimes I just have to think of food as medicine rather than all the enjoyable things I used to identify with it. Being a teen surely doesn't help her situation. I got her an appointment w/ the gastroenterologist that diagnosed her; hopefully she will get some good info from that source about the etiology of disease, etc. As a parent I don't want our relationship to descend into a power struggle over eating; but it is heading there. I'll also suggest to her the teen's section of this forum; hopefully she will take advantage of this great source for support. Thanks for your reply-
  3. Do any parents of celiac teens have a problem with loss of appetite in their loved ones? We have plenty of gluten-free foods available but I can't eat for her. It worries me to know she is not getting enough nutrition to heal and is looking & feeling worse again. Any thoughts??
  4. My daughter was lucky enough to be referred to a gastroenterologist for recurrent abdominal pain, failure to grow, fatigue & other symptoms. He did know which tests to order for celiac & when they were positive followed w/ a biopsy which was also positive-in july 2003. As we eat together, I went on the gluten free diet as well in July. I finally got my MD to order the tests as a primary relative but they were negative; I suspect because I had been gluten free for about 2 mo when they were drawn. However, I have been unexplainedly diabetic since gallbladder surg several years ago and i have been seen for liver problems they never could give a name to. The more I read about celiac disease the more certain I am that I have it. I'm not planning on loading myself w/ gluten just to please my MD w/ a positive test! He does know my HgbA1C is now in target range for the first time ever since the onset of the diabetes; that tells me something right there! At the rate my daughter & I are recovering, I would hesitate to fire up the immune response just for the sake of a positive test result. I found the study (Celiac.com-new research) showing rates of recovery interesting- looked like an average of 80% after 2 years gluten free. This helped me to know that every exacerbation of symptoms might not be related to slips or hidden gluten but just to the complexity of trying to heal the organs that have been damaged when the gut is not able to absorb the nutrients needed until it heals more itself. This is a slow process; and discouraging at times. We do feel enough better already to keep going with recovery the best we can each day! Glad to find other people facing the same things-