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  1. I was on the Big Island of Hawaii this last February and the most memorable meal I had (quality, taste, price, and non-"poisoning"!) was at this little strip mall / hole-in-the-wall-looking place: Keomany's Local Thai (around the corner from ABC in the only shopping area of Waikoloa). Hands-down best combination of "safe feeling" + not sick afterwards + taste that I had during our whole +week-long trip. Affordability was a bonus. They also allowed folks to bring in their own wines without corkage fees or any hassle, which I thought was very nice as well as convenient (since ABC sells lots of wine right around the corner!). Huggo's / Huggo's on the Rocks seemed to be good too. I would like to give a more solid review of this one, but we went to Don's Mai Thai Bar (part of Don the Beachcomber's restaurant) before this, and between gluten-free drink availability and views, I wasn't paying as much attention to taste etc. by the time we got to Huggo's. I remember thinking it tasted fantastic, the views were gorgeous (from both Don's and Huggo's -- both are right on the beach), and I wasn't sick the next day. It was not on the "cheap" end of the spectrum, but probably worth a visit if you're in Kailua-Kona. Two places that a couple of long-time locals (one born/raised on the military base, the other a long-time transplant) whom I sat next to on the flight out recommended (but I didn't get around to checking out): Café Pesto in Kwaihi – N of Hilton, Kawaihae (best place to go to try the famous local purple sweet potato) and Fish Hump -- Peer in Kailua, Kona (best service, food, prices in the area, per the locals).
  2. Thanks for moving my topic to an appropriate meeting room, IrishHeart! I have tried contacting groups that are purported to either have local branches or be in the process of developing local branches, with no success. I also tried posting in the forums of the most nearby gluten-free meet-up that I could find (not all that close, and its forms seem pretty rarely visited). I'm still digging, and posting flyers at local cafe, stories specializing in gluten-free foods, etc., but thought I'd check to see if there was anywhere else that could reach fellow celiacs in my area. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to gluten in the home than others, or maybe others just have had better luck than I in finding roommate(s) willing to keep common areas totally gluten-free, but when I started looking for places to post, I was genuinely surprised that there aren't really any local or national places (that I've found) for celiacs roommate postings! I'll keep checking for local groups, and I'd really appreciate any other suggestions as well! bartful -- good point. I was intending my original post to be answered in terms of where I could post, I didn't think of it in terms as a direct advert. My general location is in Northern California, Bay Area -- Sacramento -- Tahoe.
  3. Is there an appropriate place to post information in a roommate search? I am a pretty sensitive celiac (react easily/often, with DH...ah, good times), so I cannot live with "normal folks" and it's really hard to conduct a roommate search when "strictly gluten-free" is a requirement! I have a new house that's been kept gluten-free since I moved in, and there's more space (+2,000sf) than I can use, so I figured I'd see if I could find a celiac roommate. It'd be great if I could post here somewhere, or if anyone knows of any good place(s) to post. (Places with high celiac visibility, that is...craigslist etc have been totally nonproductive.) Thanks!!
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