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  1. Similarly, I've been vegetarian for 25+ years. A 2015 Nature study connecting emulsifiers with microbiome changes has me wondering about the processed foods that I ate in the past, and I wonder about the wisdom of eating as much seitan as I did. I mostly prefer my post-diagnosis diet since it forces...
  2. This is great information, particularly table 3 you referenced. That helped me understand that my DQ type is DQ2.5 since I have a T on s2187668.
  3. Nice that they covered it for you, I'll have to ask at my next doctor visit unless I decide that my 23andme snp data is sufficient for me.
  4. I see, thanks. Are there low-cost genetic tests that would highlight the gene variants associated with celiac disease? It's purely curiosity at this time since I had my diagnosis via biopsy.
  5. I just joined this site, 6 months after my celiac diagnosis. Thank you for talking about this disease! 23andme lists several SNPs associated with my risk of celiac disease, but none of their descriptions mention HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8. Even looking up those SNPs in snpedia.com only showed HLA-DQA...