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  1. Gemini- I am SO sorry to hear about your brother!! Thank you so so much for sharing that story and the article. In the article it lists diabetes often being triggered by an entervirus--which is what happened to me at 7 years old. I couldn't help but question the fact that I am still sick with...
  2. Diarrhea is on and off. I just went 2 days without any diarrhea and then woke up this morning and had to use the bathroom 5 times! It's interesting your sister has diabetes AND celiac. I'm glad you got tested too
  3. When do you get your results? My appointment is not until September 24. I am also having "sulfur" or "egg" burps. Very gross smelling burps! It is embarrassing to say the least I am having reflux as well-- none of these things is normal for me. Do you happen to be diabetic as well? Please let...
  4. Well, I'm definitely calling my doctor Monday. I had 3 days of pea sized bowel movements and early this morning the full fledged diarrhea returned. Awful!
  5. That's true. It would seem like a more likely explanation.
  6. So I have held my young daughter's hand through severe stomach pain/bloating/vomiting and she has been diagnosed as: gluten intolerant with moderate risk for developing celiac and milk protein allergy. She is gluten free and doing GREAT! I am type 1 diabetic and have had no stomach problems to...