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  1. Hello dania! Thank you for your post as well! I might look into that product too. I appreciate all of your helpful tips, and hope that I find a solution soon!
  2. Hello mamaw! Thank you for your post! I had not looked into that. I will definitely look into that product!
  3. Hello Mewmew! Thank you for your post! It contained a lot of good information! I am hoping that I will be able to solve my problems, but it is hard to say exactly what could be causing the issue. As far as my diet and weight go, I am in the healthy range! I also sleep well, I don't have bowel issues, and I try to exercise daily! Perhaps looking into how to the link that you recommend will be a great way for me to help solve this issue! Thank you so much!
  4. Hello! Thank you so much for your response! I have thought about resorting to something a little harsher, so it is great to hear more information on those as well!
  5. Hello! I am an 18 year old college freshman, and I am gluten free and casien free. I never was medically diagnosed with celiac, but I had so many symptoms and had already removed gluten from my diet for a while before I was tested. I am much healthier now, and have been over the past nine years of being gluten free and casien free! My question for other Celiac and gluten free teens out there is regarding acne. I personally do not have severe acne, but I do have mild acne that constantly fluctuates, and never fully ever goes away. I have tried nearly every natural and gluten free product on the market; ranging from creams, masks, scrubs, gels, ointments, essentail oils, etc. (Namely, brands include: Alba Botanica's full line of Acnedote products, Burt's Bees, remedies from the health food stores that were essential oil blends, "Yes to...'s" line of acne products, Bentonite Clay and other clays, Lerosett acne products, etc.) I have also changed my diet multiple times, where I elimintated all forms of sugar, except for small amounts of honey (I have even eliminated fruits, and carbs), with no luck. I recieved a perscription for a topical medication called Tretinoin Cream, which did not help and dried out my face horribly even after using proper moisturizer. I am at a loss for what else to do. Most products seem to work for a few days, and then everything returns again. (I even rotate products!) I was wondering if any of you have found any supplements or other options that have been effective for treating your acne? I realize that it is an internal issue, and that these external treatments are not actually fixing the problem. I also do not consume any casien/dairy products, so I do not need to eliminate anything like that! I will be 19 soon, and I am so tired of dealing with my acne that I have struggled with since I was around 14 years old. Actually, my main birthday wish is to have clearer skin! Any thoughts or help would be so appreciated!