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  1. Hi everyone, I'm really concerned about my partner, whom I've been seeing about a year. My partner has asymptomatic celiac disease, and was diagnosed with it about year before I met him. However, he does not follow a gluten free diet. When he first told me, I didn't think much about it, because, honestly I didn't know much about the disease or how serious it can be, and figured that he was dealing with it. We eat out all the time and I've never seen him skimp on the bread or pasta. Obviously after doing some more reading, I've realized how damaging it can be to not follow a gluten-free diet and now I am very concerned. I have told him that I am really concerned with how this disease will affect him in the future, and asked him why he won't try a gluten free diet. His response is try to change the topic of conversation, or just respond with a vague "deal with it in the future". He has an unrelated autoimmune/metabolic disease which requires a lot of attention to treat and deal with. I have not expressed this to him, but I suspect with the stress of dealing with this other disease, he has trouble seeing any other disease as a priority right now. I'm wondering if their is anything I can say or do to encourage him to make the change to a gluten free diet. We do not currently live together, and he travels a fair bit for work, so I know that the change really has to come from him. But, does anyone else have an experience like this, or some advice on how I can support my partner?