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  1. Sorry, I left out a comma. It was ITA, people ... as in 'I totally agree, people do that' etc. yes, thanks for explaining that, and sorry I took so long to respond myself
  2. Sorry for not writing back sooner, and I am so glad my post was helpful. ITA people don't understand how serious celiac disease is. That is a big problem, and I'm talking about doctors as well as family members! I tried to get celiac antibody tested before starting my own gluten-free diet (which...
  3. My son was diagnosed with celiac at age 15. He had terrible bad breath for two or three years prior to his diagnosis. It was so noticeable, and he would try to use mouth wash all the time to deal with it. He also carried strong mints with him as well in a mostly unsuccessful effort to mask it. We...
  4. I am sorry you have to wait so long to speak to the doctor. I’m also sorry you haven’t received more replies here. There’s info online about a study where they looked at people who had endoscopy findings like yours specifically the lymphocytosis. Sometimes, the patients were later diagnosed with ...
  5. Thank you for the compliments, Gemini. You made my day. I like your advice too! I second your advice on the eye drops. I need to use the preservative free ones for the most part, but I keep a bottle of the regular (with preservative) in my purse, because that's easier on the run. Physicsgirl...
  6. Hi Physicsgirl, I have a gluten sensitivity similar to yours. I've been trying to figure out details of mine for the last four (almost five) years. (By the way, I like your name, "physicsgirl" and I should have called myself "mathgirl" because that's my field). I have some suggestions for you...