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  1. Sorry for the error. Her ttg iga was above 300 and her ttg igG was 5. I myself was diagnosed celiac in 2015. I got my daughter tested for celiac because since she was 5 she used to have severe stomach pains when ever she ate fried things or when she used to miss her meals. In both cases she used...
  2. Here is my daughters biopsy report . She's 18 years old and is asymptomatic. Her ttg igG was above 300 but her ttg igG was 5. Can you please help me with her biopsy results as she's is reluctant to go on gluten free diet. Also suggest me if I should go for her genetic testing which I wanted to avoid...
  3. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. I have a question why is it that I developed some new allergies after a year of going gluten free . Any ideas??
  4. Hi everyone, it's been 13 months now I am on gluten free diet . My stomach problems are less severe now and all my vitamin levels and hb has improved but I continue feeling fatigued and sometime zero energy level. I have developed new food allergies one which I am sure is peanuts. I am allergic to...
  5. Yes all my supplements and my thyroid medicine is gluten free. I use mercury thermometer and when I have low grade fever my My pains are bit severe than normal and plus I have a Bad headache which I usually don't have
  6. Doctors have really disappointed me . They have no knowledge of celiac and they don't even bother to even listen to you. My thyroid Was .68 so the doctor decreased my dose so it went up to 19.6 and Then again I went back to my original dose of 100 mcg of thyroxin. I understand the lethargy can be...
  7. I am 44 years old diagnosed with celiac in March 2015. I am hypothyroid also for which I am taking medicine. I am also taking all my vitamins and calcium supplements.before going gluten free I had stomach issues and occasional body aches but since I am on gluten free diet I am suffering from so...
  8. Try eating brown rice and double boil them. Try them and then see the difference. It worked for me but eat half a plate with some vegetables and a lot of salad. But don't forget to DOUBLE BOIL
  9. I am 44 yrs old with celiac diagnosed in March 2015. I am allergic to soya ,corn, yeast, milk and rice. These food allergies were diagnosed 17 Years back. Whenever I eat them my rashes become irritated feel the Urge to scratch them and sometimes they bleed also And the area turns a bit darker and...
  10. For me some reactions appear within an hour after consuming gluten accidently. First it's mouth sores and then gas and bloating. Stomach cramps takes some time and stays there till the next day.
  11. Since March 2015 I have been on gluten free diet but I am taking milk in my tea and once ate oats which gave me the same symptoms as wheat
  12. Thanks for replying. Yes my daughter is also celiac. The thing is after going Gluten free i felt like a new person with high spirits good mood and full of energy but that was just for 2-3 days after that I am still having joint pains and when they are not there I feel dead Tired . All the time there...
  13. I am a 44 year old woman diagnosed with celiac and hypothyroidism. I was married young and have 3 children. After having my first two kids since 1993 I developed some allergies and started taking anti allergic. After conceiving My third child, my 17 year old daughter who is now also been diagnosed...
  14. Thanks everyone for so much information. I am 44 years old lady and she is my daughter who asked about the repercussions of not going gluten free. Have been convincing her since one month but she was just delaying it. Now hopefully with all the replies She got on this forum has convinced her. She...
  15. Can I live a normal life while being a celiac patient with TTG level more than 300 but not actually take gluten free diet as I've no prominent symptoms except for occasional fatigue and low HB? Doctors won't agree on an endoscopy.