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  1. I really appreciate everybody's response. I have to say that I was really very ignorant to this disease before coming here. I think the biggest shocker is the kissing part. I really thought if she just limited the Gluten, everything would be fine. We are really going to have to get after it. I'm up for the challenge! \
  2. Hi I'm Jay and my longtime girlfriend was just diagnosed with Celiac via Lab results and biopsy ( I actually have type 1 diabetes). I have a few questions about this disease and the gluten-free lifestyle. Is this an "All or none" kind of thing? Can some people cheat occasionally and sneak a little Gluten here and there or does she have to completely cut out the Gluten, forever? The biggest concern for her is the beer. Beer is her hobby, sounds funny and no she is not an alcoholic but she loves craft beer and beer culture. Most of our vacations are mapped out by which new brewery we will be close to. I have tried gluten-free beer before in the past and it was NOT good. Does anybody have any good hoppy beer recommendations? Does anybody have a favorite book on Celiac disease. I'm trying to keep things positive but as soon as you do an internet search on the topic, things get pretty scary (just like any other medical condition). Good cookbook recommendations? Finally, what is the biggest misconception you have heard about this disease? What was the hardest thing for you to cope with? Thanks, Jay
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