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  1. Hello, i need some input. Two years ago I had an upper endoscopy with 6 biopsies showing some interepithelial lymphocytes and shortened villi so I was sent for blood work which came back negative but I had been on a gluten feee diet for 2-3 months prior to bloodwork. What are the chances I had a...
  2. Thank you both for your replies and advice. I’m happy to know I just need a gluten free multi.
  3. Hi! I wasn’t sure where to post this inquiry so I’m sorry if it is in the wrong place! My blood work was negative for celiac although biopsy was suspicious. I have severe joint pain and GI issues so have decided to eliminate all gluten to see if that helps. I hear I may need to supplement my ...
  4. Thanks for the info and replies! I didn't know that the biopsy results alone weren't sufficient for a diagnosis. Perhaps somethine else is causing the villi damage. I will keep eating gluten and maybe have the blood test repeated in 12 weeks
  5. Thanks for the reply CherylS. I appreciate your feedback, because I was thinking along those same lines.
  6. Hi, again. I posted previously about my biopsy. Got my labs for blood work back, and I don't think the Doctor requested a "panel" only Immunogloubin A which was 99 out ot a range of 81-463, and Tissue transglutaminase AB, IGA which was 1. No antibodies detected. Do I need to have done more blood...
  7. Thanks for your replies, notme! And cyclinglady. I'm going to wait for the lab to send me the blood test results and then go to a celiac specialist. I like my GI but I think he knows little about celiac, and he doesn't seem interested in figuring out the positive biopsy. I appreciate your taking...
  8. Well, my blood test came back negative so it conflicts with the positive biopsy. Doctor says I'm "fine" and doesn't say much about the positive biopsy. Should I just relax and be happy that I'm fine or get a second opinion from a celiac specialist? I guess I don't want to keep eating gluten if...
  9. Wow, Positron, that's pretty harsh! He didn't do the endoscopy and biopsies looking for celiac. So you can't really say he did it backwards on purpose. I was having issues which necessitated an endoscopy and he took 6 biopsies of my esophagus, stomach and duodenum as there were some unusual changes...
  10. Thanks for the welcome and info! Yes, they did the endoscopy for reflux issues and the biopsies were all done our of an abundance of caution. The positive result blew me away! Wasn't expecting that at all. I think he's being cautious until we get the blood work back,. I'll check out the other...
  11. My biopsy came back positive for celiac disease, but my doc said we need a blood test to confirm. I'm waiting for the results, which I hope I get before Christmas. What are the chances I have something else? What else could it be? Thanks for any input!