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  1. Hi, Just wondering people's opinions on b12 supplements. Ive currently had a blood test that shows I have a severe deficiency in vitamin D, I'm also anaemic and have very very low ferritin levels. I've also had borderline celiac test results however they forgot to check my b12 levels (very annoying...
  2. Oh okay then, that's good to hear. I have that problem too. They'll go up then drop to 7-8 sometimes :/ with the blame of the monthly cycle being to blame from the doctors point of view. my iron supplements are in tablet form (ferrous sulphate) and my vitamin d3 is in liquid in the form of an...
  3. That's all I keep hearing, it's most likely you're monthly cycle making you anaemic :/ I'm sick of answers being a blur. i too had low ferritin levels, mine were 0.1. I didn't even see my results all he did was go through them briefly, it's like he couldn't wait to get me out the door and no...
  4. I don't know them in detail all I know is that one came back borderline :/ I'm going to change my doctors and get a second opinion. what I'm worried about is I'm taking a very high dose of vitamin d3 as prescribed by the doctor alongside calcium and if it is celiacs that I'm suffering from then...
  5. Hi all, So after 6 weeks of waiting for blood test results I finally thought i had answers. Found out my vitamin d level was 11 so was very very low and I'm still anaemic. What I'm confused about is one of my tests regarding celiac came back borderline, yet my doctor just shrugged it off and...
  6. Hi all, @cyclinglady I'm trying my best at the moment. Having to consider possibly taking 6 months off my course due to how I'm feeling at the moment. Thank you for your advice, a very interesting point you make, one which ill look in to @sdlane ive previously tried the headspace app...
  7. What's on my mind? Wondering how it feels to feel normal ?

    1. Irene Joanne

      Irene Joanne

      What is normal? 

    2. KJDx


      My old self, out of pain and suffering I guess :/ 

  8. Hi @cristiana, I know the feeling! I've never felt anxiety like it! My doctor said he's tested for b12 and vitamin d too. Just waiting on results. It's ruining all aspects of my life at the minute as I'm in the most toughest part of my studies
  9. Hi @cyclinglady, Im still eating gluten, I know it's important until tests are done. After a month I'm still waiting for blood test results it's so frustrating!!
  10. Hi all, Since my teenage years I've had GI problems and been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I'm beginning to wonder whether it's all related to celiac. A lot of the symptoms I have and I'm currently being tested for celiac disease. I'm just wondering if people's anxiety and...
  11. Thank you for clearing that up now we wait.. boo!
  12. Hi, Waiting on blood results at the moment, just wondering if any of you had celiac disease partly confirmed by blood results then followed with a endoscopy to confirm diagnosis? Or did you get diagnosed with an endoscopy alone?
  13. Waiting is definitely the hard part! People just don't understand how I feel most the time and it's so frustrating! I had them done 10th feb, but they take 7-10 working days because they've tested for quite a few things. Also the celiac screening and my vit d levels.
  14. Hi all, Just wondering if any of you have lower abdominal pain as well as pain above the navel?