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  1. The past 8 months have been very difficult. My husband was in the hospital for what they thought was Chrons but we now believe he has Celiac. We are awaiting the tests. After reading glasses about Celiac I will also demand our daughter be tested as she has the symptoms as well. Lately my husband has been very irrational. He is angry all the time, doesn't sleep, argues with me and our daughter, and appears depressed. Can anyone give suggestions on how to cope with this until the testing is complete. I know they have to stay on gluten until it is complete.
  2. This past summer, my husband was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain. At first they were trying to diagnose as Chron's but a change in his diet has not helped. I began researching Celiac and believe he has Celiac instead. He goes to a different GI dr in March. Through my readings, I feel that our daughter may have it as well. She is 6 years old and has always had constipation issues. Miralax does not even touch her. She is very hyperactive, trouble focusing at school, has developmental delays, speech issues, anger, frustrastion, dark circles under her eyes, eczema, a peanut allergy, trouble sleeping. I truly feel like she is! I worry about the both of them all the time!!!! Has anyone else had any experience with this happening to both spouse and child? I intend on having her tested as soon as his is complete. Any help is appreciated!!
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