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  1. Thank you for your replies. I got the endoscope done and have inconclusive results. Awaiting to see the doctor tomorrow to discuss the test. After the biopsy he said my small intestine looked different to start a gluten free diet. Im even more confused now. I was expecting the biopsy to be positive or negative but wow.
  2. I am new to learning about celiac and alot of the bloodwork is confusing. In january i had a tissue transglutaminase ab, iga of 4 with a range of > or = 4 antibody detected. In april my gi did more thorough testing. Dgp igg result 4.5 eu/ml range <4.9 eu/ml.. negative Dgp iga result 3.2 eu/ml range <6.1 eu/ml.. negative Ttg iga result 3.1 u/ml range <10.3 u/ml.. negative Ema iga positive Total iga 95mg/dl range of 44-441 My gene test was dq2.5[ hla dqa1*05: dqb1*0201] I would like to know if the possibility of having celiac is there even with most antibodies being negative. I have an appointment for an edg and have read there is a chance they could miss the damage. So if biopsy is negative would you recommend trying gluten free still. I have no common symptoms so would not know if the diet was working. I have hashimoto's hypothyroidism and low vitamin d. Im constantly tired with no energy but ive been told it was because of the thyroid. Thank you for your help in advance.
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