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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. thank you all for your advise and input I do really appreciate it. it's hard to take in these results but am sure once we in a routine all will be fine I will be having a meeting with the school she will be going on packed lunches and I will ask about gluten free snacks or cakes wen it's another childs birthday.
  2. my 7 years old daughter's results are in from her biopsy and this what they say... she 100% has celiac disease significant damage to the small intestine and villi all so inflammation So from now she's on a stricked diet I have seen the dietician so I no roughly what I am doing. any one with inflammation of the small intestine... is the inflammation because of the celiac? or could it be something else. I tend not to Google things I like to know from people who are going through this am just wanting to be prepared for wen we go see the consultant to discuss the results. I am going to be using this forum a lot now as the help and advise on here is great
  3. thank you all for the replies and advise it's greatly appreciated I will be taking it all on board. I really do love this site, reading people's stories and advice there wen needed. Thank you
  4. hi all it's been 6 days since my 7 year old daughter had her biopsies done. the wait for results is the hardest part the "not knowing" they said it would be no more then 10 days for the results. what should I expect from here? her blood test so far showed TTG at 91 and EMA positive
  5. hi all my 7 year olds blood test came back in February as possible celiac her blood test results were anti endomysial antibodies are positive and ttg elevated to 91. she has been poorly a very long time animic for years borderlin diabetic. My question is she is going for a bowel/small intestines biopsy on Monday this is all new to me and just wondering what to expect with her only been 7 and if there is damage done can they see on the camera on the day? and if it's not celiac what could get blood test mean... thanks for and replies